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SAP Development Info Collection

Last year in October Michael Keller published a Github Repository which gives an overview of all the blog posts, introductions, etc. about the ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse.

Inspired by this – and because I don’t want to google everything over and over again – I wanted to start something similar. but for several SAP Development topics. So I started a new SAP-Developer Community Project on Github.

Currently, there are only a few topics:


And most of them aren’t even close to being finished. Now I need your help. You’ve written a blog post, a tutorial or have found a trick that can help the SAP community and is worth sharing? Then contribute to this Repository.

How to do this? Michael Keller wrote a very interesting blog post on how to add information/links/etc. to a Github Repository with Visual Studio Code. If you don’t want to install VS-Code all you need is a Github account.

We want to cover as many technical aspects in the field of SAP Development as possible. It doesn’t matter if it is “old fashioned” – like special tricks in dynpro definition – or new and “fancy” stuff – like the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment.

I hope you also see a benefit in a collection like this and maybe it can help you to discover a new topic for yourself.

Now if you want to contribute please create a pull request for this Github repository:

or post a link in the comments – then I can add it to the collection.

Thank you!

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