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Sales Quote Interactive Form

Interactive Form: SAP Interactive Forms are particularly well suited to business processes in which we can enter data in a form-based solution and then want to transfer this data automatically to the SAP system. In the simplest cases, you only require the free Adobe Reader to display or fill out PDF forms on your front end.

Business Scenario: Sales responsible creates Sales Quote and Submit to the. The customer receives the PDF file which contains the Sales Quote information. If the customer is not satisfied with the Sales Quote regarding price or quantity, he communicates with the Salesperson via mail or phone call and then the Salesperson change the Sales Quote in the system and sends the Changed Quote to the customer again. Once the Customer confirms the Sales Quote, the Salesperson can go-ahead for the Sales Order.

Problem: As per the above business scenario, you can see that the communication between Customer and Salesperson is offline which is inefficient and inconvenient. Also, the risk of misunderstanding is very high if the customer sends his feedback on the sales quote to the salesperson by E-mail or a phone call.

Resolution: To resolve this issue we have an Interactive Form in SAP Business ByDesign.

Once the Salesperson submits the Sales Quote, the System will trigger an E-mail 0to the Customer with an  Interactive Form. The customer can do the changes in the Sales Quote Interactive Form directly and Submit the Interactive Form. Once the Customer submits the Interactive Form, the Sales Quote Employee Responsible will receive a BTM notification in the system and the Changed Sales Quote will be there as an attachment. The Responsible person checks the Sales Quote which is changed by the Customer and clicks Update to update the changes in the System.


1. Scoping

  • Go to the Business Configuration work center –> select the Implementation Projects view –> select your first implementation project –> click on the Edit Project Scope button –> navigate to Step 3 Scoping –> expand the element Sales -> New Business –> select the element Communication for New Business. You can see that Interactive Forms is in scope.


  • Navigate to Step 4 Questions –> expand the element Sales -> New Business –> select the element Communication for New Business. The following question must be active: You can use a template to send sales quotes to your customers.


2. Form Template Maintenance

SAP delivers forms for Germany and the USA as the standard. Therefore, the form template Sales Quotes (Interactive Form) is available only for the country Germany and the USA. So if your System is only scoped for another country then the form template Sales Quotes (Interactive Form) will not be seen.

To resolve this issue, you can scope the either of the countries (Germany/USA). The Sales Quotes (Interactive Form) will then be visible in the Form Template Maintenance UI and you can then create a new variant for the respective country and save it.

If the customer does not want to scope either Germany or the USA but still requires forms (e.g. form template Sales Quotes (Interactive Form)) for a specific country, the customer can place a request via the incident. This incident then has to be forwarded to the application-specific globalization component and they can take it forward.


Process Flow

Step 1: Create a Sales Quote.

  • Go to the New Business WoC –> select New Sales Quotes view –> enter all details.
  • Click on the You Can Also button –> select the Edit Output Settings
  • In Output Settings make sure that template Sales Quote (Interactive Form) is selected.
  • Under Send by select the Output Channel: E-Mail.
  • In the E-Mail Settings, ensure that the Customer’s recipient Email ID is entered.
  • Click Apply.

  • You can see we took Service: S200101 for Quantity: 1 Hour and List Price: 300 USD.
  • Click on the Submit button to send the interactive form to the designated e-mail.

  • You can go to the Output History tab to check if Mail Successfully delivered or not.


Step 2: Receive the Interactive Form

  • The Customer will receive an email with attached Interactive Form –> download the Interactive Form  –> Open


Step 3: Editing the Interactive Sales Quote

  • Click Edit to make the changes

  • The recipient clicks the Edit button in the line item on the form and then edits the changeable fields e.g. Quantity.
  • The edits are usually Quantity, List price, or Add a new item, or a signature added, depending on the needs of the customer.

  • The recipient clicks Submit at bottom of the form once all changes are completed.

  • An automatic e-mail is created (e.g. via the default application or the webmail) that is sent back to the system.
  • The recipient can then save the changed quote locally if required.


Step 4. Receiving the Interactive Sales Quote in the System

  • The Employee Responsible for the Sales Quote will receive a notification in their Inbox in the Open items section of the Home Workcenter.
  • The Subject of the notification is Sales Quote: ABC Changed By Customer.
  • Select the item –> click Actions –> select Open Details.

  • Go to the Attachments sub-tab –> download the PDF of the Sales Quote.

  • When you open the downloaded Sales Quote, you can see the changes highlighted as shown below.
  • At the bottom of the document click on the Update Quote button to approve the changes.

  • An E-mail with a chosen email client (e.g. via the default application or the webmail), will open.
  • Once you send the e-mail, Sales Quote will be updated in the System.
  • When you open the sales quote in the SAP ByDesign System, you can see that the changes were incorporated.


Conclusion: Using this process, the communication between the Customer and Salesperson will be more efficient and convenient. Also, the Customer’s doubts about the Sales Quote will be simple and clear and because there is a Business Task Management Notification been generated for the responsible person so that the customer’s chances for the Sales Quote can be proceeded by the Responsible Person in Time.


Please comment if you have any further queries regarding this process flow.

Thanks & Regards,
Anant Patel,
SME, SAP Business ByDesign





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      Author's profile photo Taesik (Kevin) Jun
      Taesik (Kevin) Jun

      Greate Informative Blog Anant

      Author's profile photo Anant Patel
      Anant Patel
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks a lot.

      Author's profile photo Priyanka rajput
      Priyanka rajput

      Very Well Elaborated.

      Author's profile photo Anant Patel
      Anant Patel
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks a lot.

      Author's profile photo Rakesh Yadav
      Rakesh Yadav


      Author's profile photo Anant Patel
      Anant Patel
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks a lot.

      Author's profile photo Dafne Carreto
      Dafne Carreto


      First of all, thanks for explaining the flow, is clear and synthesize
      That is why we came to you with this request. We already try to process the flow; However, we are not able to sed the e-mail back (Step: Updated to the system):

      1.-Sends back an error, of Mail Delivery System 5.3.0 - Other mail system problem 554-'Transaction failed'( we check up on other forums, notes, and has no clear answer about this issue).
      2.- We are doing this on Test Tenant, don't know if this is a crucial statement for not able to work correctly.

      3.-If there's any configuration previously about this address:, or is there another address that could deliver to the system.

      Best Regards

      Author's profile photo Kshama Mehta
      Kshama Mehta

      Hello Dafne Carreto,

      Were you able to fix the above issue of Mail Delivery? I am getting the same error for one of the clients and would like to understand how you managed to resolve it.




      Author's profile photo Kshama Mehta
      Kshama Mehta

      Hi Anant,

      Great blog. Well explained. We are adding a new product using the sales quote interactive form and the responsible employee manually adds the correct material/service IDs in the form before updating. From the tests, I believe that to run this successfully it is mandatory to add SAP material/Service IDs. Is there a way to add new products without mentioning material/service ID apart from adding it manually in the forms?? We cannot expect the customers to know all the IDs.


      This e-mail cannot be processed due to the following error:

      [Newly added item No.1 ]Create not possible; source object inconsistent


      Another issue I am facing is this functionality works fine with one tenant, however, I get the same error as Dafne Carreto for another client system.


      The following message to <> was undeliverable.

      The reason for the problem:

      5.3.0 - Other mail system problem 554-'Transaction failed'


      Thanks in advance,



      Author's profile photo Francisco Ruiz Garcia
      Francisco Ruiz Garcia

      Hi all,

      Interactive froms are currently not supported in Cloud for Customer:

      I have created the next idea for this:

      Please, vote it!



      Paco Ruiz.