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Adding Extension Fields to Print Forms in Business ByDesign

During customer projects it may be necessary to add extension fields to capture specific data. These fields are added via the Key User Adaption Process via the ByD UI.

Once added to the UI these fields are often required in other processes or forms, and this short blog will explain how to key users can manage this process.

Key Users are defined by their access to the “Flexibility Change Log” view in the Application & User Management Work Center.

Step 1

Login as the Key User, and navigate to the object you wish to extend. In this example we are extending the Product Master Record with “Material Description 2”

Start Adaptation Mode

Click on the User Avatar in the top right hand corner of ByD and select;

“Key User Settings > Start Adaption Mode”

This will bring up the Adaptation “Side Car” from here click on the “+” and “Extension Fields” to add a new field.

Create your field, add a name and type (List, Text, Numeric etc).

Important: once added click the field “Show Further Usage”;

This is what is often missed during this process. Using this function you can add your field to multiple processes, data sources or form templates.

Depending on the object you are extending, your choice of forms,data sources and extension scenarios will vary.

Since this field is on the product master there are no forms by default to add this field to.

I therefore need to use the data available in the “Extension Scenarios” tab and move this field to other processes where i can add it to a form. In this example we want this field on the invoice, so we must add it to the extension scenario

“Material – General Information to Customer Invoice Request – Item Information”

Don’t Forget to Publish your changes before moving to next step


Step 2

Now we need to navigate to the Customer Invoice objects.

Find a customer invoice to edit, or create a new one. Once again in Adaption Mode edit the items, open the extension fields (using the “+” )  you should see your extension field.

If you want this field to appear on the UI click the “Is Already Added” box, it will then be added.

To add this field to the print form click “Show Further Usage”

Highlight the Form Template appropriate for the countries that you use in your ByD system. Click the button “Add Field and Edit” – select  “Easy Form Editor”

This will open up the form where you can now add your extra field.

In this example since the new field is found in the Items table, we need to select the section “tblTable” and add a new column to show the field. The dialogue box that opens enables you to navigate to your added field(s) and add them.


Select your field on the left and click the arrows to add it to right hand box. Returning to the form editor, you will see the new column added. Refresh the preview on the right of the screen to see the new field on your template.

using the details section you can move the column up or down (translates to left to right in the preview).

When you are satisfied save and PUBLISH  your newly edited form template.

Before you leave Adaptation mode, PUBLISH your changes.


Hope this helps!




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