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Fulfil a simple request-response scenario without a receiver/sender

I have just read the Blog written by Raffael Herrmann on this topic:

I am thinking to fulfil the same requirement in a different way. Just for fun.Let’s go.

1         Prerequisite

You should be familiar with NW BPM development. 🙂

Despite of using adapter module configuration, I am going to use Operation Mapping in BPM. Here is the infrastructure

Here are the implementation steps:


2         Develop a simple Operation mapping

This is a simple concatenate logic for checking the result as used by Raffael:-)

3         Service Interface used

Outbound interface:

Inbound interface:


4         Develop a simple BPM in NWDS


5         Import the operation mapping into BPM

6         Create an automated step and bind it with the operation mapping


There is no need to configure input/output mapping for this step. Coz. we will only call the operation mapping then, not the BPM process.


7         Get the WSDL file of the Operation mapping imported

Copy and paste the wsdl. Create a file locally

8         Input the file into SOAP UI project

you will find that the endpoint field is missing. we will generate it in the next step.

9         Generate the endpoint

Go to SAP PI—>NWA—>Start &stop Java Applications

Find the BPM service deployed and copy the module name below

The endpoint will be in the below format:

http(s)://<SAP PI hostname>:<port>/<module name>

in my case it is like this:

10         Unit Test

Even without a credential, you might be able to consume the service and get the response.


11         Conclusion:

Operation mapping can be called directly without ID content(sender or receiver) as long as it has been deployed with a BPM template.

Since messing system has been bypassed, there will be no relevant message persisted in the message monitor. The log mechanism has to be implemented by means of programming inside mapping code.

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