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SCP FIORI Portal – Specific Workflow Approval Tile


If you’re using SCP Portal to approve your Workflows with the MyInbox Tile, maybe someday you’ll need to “separate” approvals by specific tiles, helping approvers to organize their approvals (just like we did on OnPremise FIORI using Scenario ID). As you may know, in this DEMO we’re using the SCP Workflow, the one below:

So here are the pre-requisites:

1 – You need at least one Workflow correctly deployed on your subaccount.

2 – All the SCP Workflow configurations 100%.

3 – A Portal configured.

You can find more about it here.

So, let’s get to it. My setup environment:

So in this DEMO, i want a Tile do display only the Approvals from my Workflow above.

First thing, you need to find out your Task ID. To do that, you can check the User Task ID + @ + Workflow ID.

In my example it’s: usertask1@zlinkedin_demo. You could also find out on a running instance in MyInbox at:

  1. From the All Items Tile in My Inbox select your task.

  2. Go to the user menu and navigate to More  Support Information, and capture the TaskDefinitionID value.

So now let’s go the Portal Configuration URL, and on the Apps options search for the My Inbox App:

Create a Copy:

Insert the name and description you want.

You need to assign a Catalog to it, i’m using the Sample Catalog but you need to create/configure/assign one, find more about it here and here.

In the Visualization tab, change your icon:

In the Visualization tab, go to Dynamic Data  Service URL. Enter the service URL extended with the task definitions

/bpmworkflowruntime/odata/v1/tcm/TaskCollection/$count/?$filter=((Status eq ‘READY’ or Status eq ‘RESERVED’ or Status eq ‘IN_PROGRESS’) and (TaskDefinitionID eq ‘usertask1@zlinkedin_demo‘))

Now, go to the Parameters Tab:

And create a Entry:

Name: taskDefinitions

Launcher Value: usertask1@zlinkedin_demo

It’ll look like that (with the Task definition above).

Save and Publish your Portal:

Now you’re all set, assign the new Tile to your user (using catalog/groups) and now you’ll be able to use specific Workflow IDs Tile in your SCP Portal environment.

The process is also described in details here in the official SAP Help.

Hope you’ve enjoyed.


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