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Using SAP Fiori Client (app)

The SAP Fiori Client app is a simple app, which you can use to connect a Fiori Launchpad (or to an app directly in fact). I personally always wanted to show (or proof sometimes) how Fiori Apps look on a mobile device, directly from my mobile – and not only through browser emulation.
So below follows a super simple and rather short guide, for how to setup/configure and use the SAP Fiori Client app. I’m adding this, since I had a rough start myself, trying to figure out what to do. But it is in fact very easy!

Please note I will be talking about the SAP Fiori Client app from Apple’s App Store (meaning iOS) but I assume it will be similar on other devices.

My Fiori Launchpad

Since my purpose is demo, I’ll be using the SAP Cloud Platform Portal Service, where I’ve created a Fiori Launchpad Portal site (there are tons of guides and an openSAP course if you need help with this).

When you enter your site either by opening it or by editing, you need to find the direct URL. It will look something like below:



I recommend to copy this URL, unless you want to type the whole url yourself, including the long siteId 😉 . You could for example send an email to yourself, so you can later copy and paste it from your mobile device.

Mobile Setup

On your mobile device, download the SAP Fiori Client app if you haven’t already.

Open the app and you will see a start screen with a (longer) explanation text and a Login button. Click on the Login button.

Next you will see a screen that let’s you enter an url:

Here enter the url to your Fiori Launchpad (or paste it) and click OK.

The app will check if it’s a valid Fiori URL (to a launchpad or an app) and if you get any error, make sure you have a correct url with no typos.

On the next screen, SAP Fiori Client asks you to setup a passcode, if wanted, or not. Again since my purpose is demo and I won’t be having any sensitive data, I simply press the Disable Passcode button. How you want to set this up, is of course up to you (and you can change it later too).

If this is your first time, a “Tip” will be shown which is probably the most important and most unread message. It says:

Double-tap the screen to show the toolbar.

This is useful for performing browser navigations and getting help information.


Remember the double-tap! It can be your best friend! Click Continue to now finally log into your Fiori Launchpad. Depending on if you used the same as me – a SCP Portal Site – or if you are setting up a “real” Fiori Launchpad, login with your user credentials: for the SCP Portal Site case, this is my SCP user (without the “trial” part) and my SCP password. I also recommend to check the checkbox for Remember me. If you do this, next time you open the app, you will land directly in the Fiori Launchpad (or on the passcode screen, if you set it up).

With the correct credentials, you should now be logged in and see your Fiori Launchpad. Here is mine as an example:

You can now use this Fiori Launchpad just like in your browser – and check out your apps on your mobile device 🙂

Some tips and tricks

Now that you have your app setup, a few helpful things:

  • You can add apps via the App Finder just like in any other FLP: click on the user icon in the shell bar, in the upper right corner and select App Finder
  • Similar to above, you also have other FLP settings under the user icon in the upper right corner
  • To logout (if you have Remember me for example, which won’t log you out, even if you fully close the app), once again use the user icon in the upper right corner and select Logout. Note that this will only log your user out; your Fiori Launchpad will still be configured and you will be asked to login with a user

These were the more simple ones. Now let’s get back to our double-tap friend: do it now, double-tap (with your finger) anywhere in your app. And by the way, even if you happen to do it on a link or button and active that, the double-tap will still appear: a menu will popover from below:

Use like a browser

You can see a couple of browser related actions: Back, Refresh and Home. These do exactly what you would expect them to do in a browser. Let’s say you have an app where you forgot a back navigation (and you forget you can do this in the shell bar), then you could use the “standard browser back” through the double-tap menu.

And probably the thing you will use the most: Refresh your whole Fiori Launchpad, or an app. This should usually update the apps, if you have freshly deployed a change. If not, you can also clear the cache, see the last chapter below.

Log and Debugging

Another very helpful tool is View Log. This will show you all the messages that both the Fiori Launchpad and the SAP Fiori Client app output into the console. So this is pretty much an equivalent to your browser debugging console. You can also copy or email the log, if you need help with a specific error for example.

Change/Reset Config, Clear Cache

Lastly we have the Settings. In the settings you can simply check your Fiori URL, manage the passcode setup (add, change or remove passcode) and decide which messages should be logged.

You can also clear the log here, if you updated your Launchpad or an app, to see if errors don’t appear anymore (do this before you Refresh as explained above).

Also important, you can clear the cache, if you need to fully restart.

And lastly, you can “Clear All Application Settings“. As the name says, this will completely reset the SAP Fiori Client app and put it back into its initial state, where you have to start by setting up the URL. As you may noticed, you can see the url you had configured, but you cannot change it here. If you need to connect to a new Launchpad, or you want to connect to an app directly or otherwise need to change this, you need to start over, by using this. You will have to confirm the reset but then you can start over.
This may not sound that necessary but especially for demo purposes (and to show co-workers how to setup, together with them), I have reset my app several times and tried different urls.


Thanks for reading! That’s all I have for now. Let me know if you have any specific questions and also let me know, how you use the SAP Fiori Client app.

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      Author's profile photo Achuthan Nair
      Achuthan Nair

      App is not available in Play store or App store android and ios both.

      Author's profile photo Jan-Willem Kaagman
      Jan-Willem Kaagman

      The app is renamed / rebranded. Try this: