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SAP MDG data migration – Part 1

The primary goal for any organization implementing the SAP MDG solution is to get the data clean and keep the data clean. SAP MDG facilitates the consolidation of the master data from the decentralized data sources and/or centrally governs the data. The data load tool availability will vary depending on the MDG consolidation and central governance capabilities.

SAP recommends implementing MDG as a separate master data hub as opposed to co-deployment. You can read more about the deployment considerations here. If MDG is to be deployed as a hub then the data migration becomes a vital task.

In order to get the data into MDG, SAP provides a handful of tools. In this blog series, let us discuss the various data load tools and techniques available to us. Please note that non-SAP tools are not covered.

Let us see the tools/functionalities available that facilitate the data loads.

  1. Data Import Framework *
  2. File upload*
  3. Data Migration Cockpit (only available on MDG on S/4HANA) *
  4. SAP Data Services (and Information Steward) **
  5. SAP Smart Data Integrator (and Smart Data Quality) **
  6. SAP Agile Data Preparation**
  7. Master Data Consolidation file upload**
  8. Back-end functions/LSMW*
  9. SOA*

*: Available for MDG – Central Governance

**: Available for both MDG – Master Data Consolidation and Central Governance

Please note that the functionalities 1,2,3,7 and 8 are available within the MDG system and no additional licenses required.

If you read this blog, please comment on the data load tool that you preferred in your MDG implementation projects.

Part 2 explains the MDG Data Import Framework and File upload method.

Part 3 provides details about SAP Data Services and S/4HANA Migration cockpit in terms of MDG data loads.

Part 4 explores how next-generation HANA powered tools such as Smart Data Integrator (SDI), Smart Data Quality (SDQ) and SAP Agile Data Preparation (ADP) help in MDG on S/4HANA data migration.

Part 5 explains MDG consolidation data import and traditional data loads methods using back-end functions.

This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer.

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  • Hello Magesh Subramanian,

    We are implementing MDG Hub on S/4 (HEC), and in parallel moving ECC to S/4. We need to define how to load initial master data into the project (BP Supplier, Customer, Partner, Material). In addition, we need to load related data such as bank account, consignment account, profit center, cost center, class/classification, What would be the best tool to perform this initial load? Which one you recommend?

    Thanks a  lot!



    • Hi Ana,

      Sorry for joining in late.

      This blog series could have given you some idea of what tool to choose from.  You can take a look at software such as SAP Data Services as it offers a wide range of data migration capabilities and works seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA and ECC.

      Feel free to post additional questions if you have any.



  • Very useful Information. i am working on finance topic such as cost center, profit center, GL and their Hierachies. In this topic i need one matrix templet. Specially in Edition concepts the data will migrate from S4 hana to MDG system. Please provide me if you have any Finance matrix for above topic.  Its big help for me.