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Author's profile photo Rosa ORIHUELA

SAP Intelligent RPA: common issues you may run into when first using the solution

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP Intelligent RPA) helps businesses automate processes and thus free employees to do more interesting tasks. This three-component product allows users to build and direct process execution bots in various modes to automate business processes.

As you first dive into the tool, you may run into some issues. In this post I will provide you solutions to a list of common problems mentioned previously in the community.

Missing SAP Intelligent RPA tile under subscriptions

    • A problem you may run into is that you do not see the SAP Intelligent RPA tile under Subscriptions when trying to subscribe. This means you haven’t been granted entitlement, which should be granted once you’ve signed your commercial contract with SAP. To solved this, send a BCP ticket to the component: BC-NEO-CIS.
    • Another issue may be that you do not see the SAP Intelligent RPA tile because the global account configuration is different. In this case, please follow these steps and make sure Cloud Foundry is set as environment and AWS as provider.

SAP Intelligent RPA is only available under the below data centers/ landscapes. You need to create a sub account under those Data Centers:

The account with Cloud Foundry as environment and AWS as provider has the below look, which includes the Intelligent RPA tile:

“Insufficient Scope” Error

You may also see the below message, Insufficient Scope when trying to log into the Cloud Factory. This means you do not have the right access. So make sure the user has been assigned the right role.



Can’t properly Setup a Tenant Socket

Before launching the Desktop Agent, you need to make sure that it is not already running in the background otherwise you will get the below error:

Check if the Desktop Agent or your project is running by clicking on the Desktop Agent icon on the lower right corner of your screen. The icon’s color indicates the current status of the Desktop Agent, for more information on the systray check this page out. If it is running, shut down the Desktop Agent then you can launch the Desktop Agent again.

If you do not see the systray or it is stuck you can check if the Desktop Agent is running by going to Windows Task Manager, under the Services tab look for CxAgent and make sure it is Stopped. If you go to the Details tab, look for CtxRun.exe and make sure it is not Running. Now that you make sure both are stopped, you can launch the Desktop Agent again.


“Can’t properly Register to the Tenant” error

You might also run into: Can’t properly Register to the Tenant, when trying to connect to the factory. To solve this issue, please follow the steps in the SAP Note.


Hopefully you found this list helpful. I will continue to add to this blog, so let me know if there is anything I am missing.

Do not see certain packages in store

If you see the standard content available in store with less packages than the number listed. It is because you are using s a preprod tenant.

You can either:

  • Try out the product on the landscape but it has constraints (store desync for example, beta flag, …)
  • Have a prod env trial but for 90 days
  • Subscribe as a regular costumer

If you want the store sync then the trial version or prod so second or third option. To get a prod tenant, you need a GLOBAL account on prod. Here is how to get started with the trial version.

Scenario could not be started or Job could not be started

If you are executing a job and get an error that says: Scenario could not be started or Job could not be started please refer to this detailed documentation for steps on how to solve it.

Unable to complete registration

If you see the above message the root cause might be that there is missing WMI data and due to which the Agent was not able to register.

To fix this follow these steps:

1. Check browser console for any errors – – Ignoring registration

2. BOT execution not completed and waiting for the user to select the “workflow” from tray (which never appeared since it was not registered) – Noticed that the iRPA credentials were not listed in the “Windows Credential Manager”

3. Now finding the error – Captured the error log using the below methods (You can use anyone)

    • Used “Trace directory” as suggested by iRPA team
    • Used “Event Viewer” to capture the error details (Windows Logs -> Application)

**FATAL WARNING**: Error status is READ_CREDENTIALS_FAILED. Details: , exception: no exception

**FATAL ERROR**: Error status is CANT_GET_WMI_DATA. Details: GeWMIRequest: Next failed with code 0x80041010 for Query SELECT UUID FROM Win32_ComputerSystemProduct, exception: no exception

4. Run “wbemtest” in the command prompt

    • Connect -> Connect to the listed namespace “root\cimv2”
    • Click “Query” and run the query “SELECT UUID FROM Win32_ComputerSystemProduct” from the error message. The result was “EMPTY”

5. Now, the solution is to reset the WMI:

Resetting the WMI Repository through cmd. Below 3 commands executed.

      • winmgmt/salvagerepository
      • winmgmt/verifyrepository
      • winmgmt/resetrepository

6. Run “wbemtest” in command prompt to check – 1 object and max. batch:1 created, and value set for “Win32_ComputerSystemProduct=<no key>”

7. Restart the “Desktop Agent” and run any “workflow” to test. That’s it, the iRPA Desktop Agent is connected and ready.

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      Author's profile photo Pierre COL
      Pierre COL

      Very helpful, thanks Rosa!

      Author's profile photo Jakob Marius Kjær
      Jakob Marius Kjær

      Hi Rose,


      Thanks for this blog. Please have a look at the links you added in section

      Can’t properly Setup a Tenant Socket.

      When I try to open them I get a 403 forbidden after authenticating. I've tried both with a P and an S user.


      Author's profile photo Carolina Herrera
      Carolina Herrera

      Hi Rose,

      Thanks for this info, really helpful. Just a question, now I’m able to enter to my own tenant and also I have assigned all roles, but when I log on I cannot see the Management tab on the cloud factory, maybe it takes some time to set up this tab? Or should I need to set up something else? I really appreciate your advice

      Author's profile photo Adrian Baena
      Adrian Baena

      HI Rosa, I am having an issue with my trial account.


      The SAP RPA tile appears on my account but when I try to subscribe to it i am receiving the following error message:

      • Could not subscribe to SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Trial. Please try again. If the problem persists, open a ticket using the BCP component BC-NEO-CIS


      Do you know how to solve this issue? multiple colleagues are getting this error

      Author's profile photo Chaitanya Priya Puvvada
      Chaitanya Priya Puvvada

      Rosa ORIHUELA :Thanks for the blog Rosa.

      This blog helped to resolve issues when consuming the SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 Trial account too!!

      Author's profile photo Cesar Rodriguez
      Cesar Rodriguez

      Hi Rosa !, How are you ? I have a trial account and all role configured. But when I want to enter to cloud factory this message appears "Unable to load Factory, Access is denied".  Any idea ? ( all roles collection configurated ).

      Author's profile photo Vishwas Madhuvarshi
      Vishwas Madhuvarshi

      Once you assign the relevant role collection to the user trying to log in, they should get through.

      Author's profile photo T. KASI SURYANARAYANA MURTHY

      Hi, Nice blog. I am getting below error when running the automation step to read excel file from my desktop from SAP Build. Appreciate you support.

      "uid": "b39937e3-9a9b-4dfe-aa36-8e7123098exx",

      "name": "Excel Cloud Link",

      "type": "automation",

      "instanceUid": "0c6df3d2-e454-08a9-60bf-231105070xxx",

      "packageUid": "dcb1c60b-ab27-4b21-ada3-2897c734xxxx",

      "packageVersionUid": "b14a1b3d-7790-4827-82c0-4b830f0e59cd",

      "attended": true,

      "duration": 9,

      "status": "Failed",

      "code": "KO",

      "label": "Not Found Error. The path C:\\Users\\xxxxx\\AppData\\Local\\SAP\\Intelligent RPA\\Projects\\b14a1b3d-7790-4827-82c0-4b830f0e59cd\\log\\OrderFilePath does not exist on your machine.",

      "containerInstanceUid": "0c6df3d2-e454-08a9-60bf-23110507xxxx",

      "parentInstanceUid": "0dec46d0-663e-16dd-fca2-9b2efcaaxxxx",

      "line": 11,

      "file": "getOrderDetails.js",

      "stepId": "5",

      "exception": "irpa_core.error.NotFound",

      "stack": "Error: Not Found Error.

      Author's profile photo Samara Vilela de Oliveira
      Samara Vilela de Oliveira

      Estou com o mesmo problema.

      Se alguém souber da resposta