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Become a blogger in 5 easy steps

Are you a Blogger, Vlogger or even better a social media Influencer? That’s great news as this means you have the knowhow to use a strategic tool to access colleagues, friends, professionals, businesses, or anyone who might be interested in what you want to publicly share. Social media is easy to access and gives you direct interaction with your network. Let’s say it’s your e-meeting point!

When it comes to blogging, this channel gives you the opportunity to create your content and share your knowledge and experiences with your network. It can also help you expand your network and gain more visibility. A blog is your digital portal to share your experiences, thoughts and ideas and let others know who you are and what are you passionate about. Think of it as a great way to build your personal brand.

But what if you are not yet savvy about blogging, and writing feels intimidating? What if you struggle to produce content and at the end you just want to erase everything and quit? Don’t be so hard on yourself. With just a small effort and some tips to follow, you will be able to hone your writing skills and capture your audience in no time!

Take a look at these 5 essential tips on blogging and open up a world without borders:

  1. Choose your topic and craft a headline which will capture eyeballs at once. When you have the headline, you have a roadmap to follow.
  2. Create an outline. Gather all the facts and figures you want to mention, organize your thoughts and create a flow. Begin with an introduction that will captivate your readers and will keep them going.
  3. Write your post. Content should be clear and concise. Don’t use very long sentences and try to avoid clichés. Do your research, check your facts, support your arguments and when quoting others, don’t forget to mention them. And since you started strong, try to end your post the same way and leave your readers feeling satisfied.
  4. Use images to break up the text, especially if it’s too long. A well-chosen image can help lighten the tone of your posts, while diagrams, charts, infographics, tables or any other visual asset can help your readers better understand your content.
  5. Edit your blogpost. When you are finished writing, take a break and come back with a fresh eye to go through your post and polish it. Don’t hesitate to delete words or even sentences if you think they are repetitive. Make it easier to read, using smaller paragraphs and replacing complex wording. Add passion, energy, and enthusiasm.

We all have powerful words and ideas which can add value. Do you want to share your Catalyst Experience with your peers? Is there a successful best practice you think others should follow? Do you have new ideas and you want to expand your network and find colleagues to support you? Just open your laptop, take a cup of coffee (1 or 2 pieces of candy maybe?) and enjoy the ride.

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      Author's profile photo Michael Keller
      Michael Keller

      Thanks for your tips. In my experience, point 5 is particularly important. Blogs are really a form of art 🙂

      Author's profile photo Ashok kumar Murugesan
      Ashok kumar Murugesan


      Author's profile photo Pierre COL
      Pierre COL

      Simple and relevant advices. Thank you Elena Pounenti!