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Bank’s Requirement in Peru for the ISO 20022 XML Output File

A tax number in Peru, assigned to legal and natural persons alike.

The RUC (número de registro unico de contribuyentes) number consists of 11 digits, the last of which is a check digit.

Banks in Peru have a requirement to populate payer’s RUC number in the Payee Meta Tag for check payments. With the payer’s RUC number populated in the XML Payee Meta Tag, the bank will be able to separate the printed CHECKS for a Payer’s Employee to pick up.


Peru Banks accept XML file from the Payer, for ACH payments as well for CHECKS. There will be separate XML files sent to the bank for ACH and CHECK payments. From the XML output file that was sent for the Check payments, Cashier Checks will be printed by the bank. To differentiate the printed Checks from different payers, Bank of Nova Scotia in Peru requires the Payer’s RUC number to be populated at the Payee Meta Tag section in the XML file.

References:       This document refers to “Meta Tag #1” (Payee Meta Tag) as representing the following tags:

< CdtTrfTxInf ><Cdtr><Id><OrgId><Othr><Id>RUC</Id>

Example XML (before change):

XML file populating two fields with Payee’s Tax Number (RUC)

Currently, SAP delivered program populating “Payee’s RUC” in both fields (Meta Tag #1 & #2)

Bank of Nova Scotia in PERU is requesting that we populate the “Meta Tag #1” field with “RUC of the ordering company” and also stated that NO changes to “Meta Tag #2” field will be needed.


Meta Tag # 1: Payee’s Tax Number (RUC)


Structure:            FPAYH

Field name:        STCD1

Comments:        Make modification to “Meta tag #1” to populate field with Payer’s RUC



The above requirement needs the following changes to the configuration.

Step # 1:

Add Payer’s RUC number in the ‘Tax Number 1’ field in the Automatic Payment Program in Transaction Code: FBZP



Step # 2:

Assign custom Payment Medium Workbench (PMW) created for PERU DMEE XML File format to payment method ‘CHECK’. The DMEE configuration for PMW needs to be created as per the Peru Bank XML file format requirement. The configuration of the DMEE Format Tree will be explained later in this article.

Step # 3:

DMEE Configuration:

Create a DMEE Format Tree as per ISO20022 Peru requirement. For this, we can copy a DMEE Format Tree provided by SAP and customize it as per the requirement.

SAP provided DMEE Format Tree for ISO20022 is ‘CGI_XML_CT – CGI: DMEE XML Format as per ISO20022’

When payment method is not CHECK: DMEE is configured as shown below to populate Payee’s RUC number in Payee Meta Tag.

Step # 4:

When payment method is CHECK: Assign custom Function Module created to populate Payer’s RUC number in Payee Meta Tag.

Step # 5:

Program Change (ABAP – Function Module)

Populate ‘Tax Number 1’ assigned in the Automatic Payment Program configuration in the step 1.

Meta Tag # 2: Payee’s Tax Number (RUC)

Meta Tag # 2:

Structure:            FPAYH

Field name:        STCD1

Comments: Make NO changes to this “Meta Tag # 2”


In the XML file, populating Payer RUC number helps to identify the printed CHECKs for different Payers. With the Payer RUC number populated in the XML Payee Meta Tag (Meta Tag # 1), Peru Bank of Nova Scotia will be able to separate printed checks for each Payer.

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      Author's profile photo Piero David Montano Vega
      Piero David Montano Vega

      Thanks Phani for the information.

      Is it confirmed that this occurs for all banks in Peru? Or is it something specific to Scotiabank?

      From my personal experience, banks in Peru use the ISO 20022 standard but customize some fields of the XML structure according to what each bank needs.

      Best regards.