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Unified Data Integration for SAP

Last changed 22nd of January, 2020

Evolution of SAP Data Hub

Unified Data Integration for SAP

Data Intelligence in a Nutshell 

In various Blogs, I already have introduced the e2e approach of the SAP DataHub with 2.6/2.7.x.
With the availability of the Data Intelligence Suite 3.0 “on-premise” (as IaaS is also nothing else than Cloud …). SAP Data Intelligence 3 is successor product version of SAP Data Hub 2 (On Premise), and adds Machine Learning as well now.

Blog: Maintenance Planer and the SLC Bridge for Data Hub
Blog: prepare the Installation Host for the SLC Bridge

Installing SAP Data Hub Foundation using SLC Bridge with Maintenance Planner and SAP Host Agent is  is the recommended approach if SAP Data Hub Foundation is to be operated as part of an SAP system landscape.


Blog: SAP DataHub 2.7 Installation with SLC Bridge

SAP Help: Feature Scope Description for SAP Data Hub


Blog: Data Intelligence Hub – connecting the Dots …


Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics

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