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Author's profile photo Maximiliano Colman

CPI *heart* ESR – Mapping Adapter

Hi experts,

I want to share my dream, the ESR Mapping Adapter in CPI, most of you should already had guessed the main topic of this blog, but for the rest pay attention 🙂

The usage of CPI is growing “fast & wild”, without any governance the only result is chaos, and the main questions here is “why?”.

Why are we creating/uploading without any control/re usability XSDs, WSDLS, EDMXs, Mappings, etc inside of IFLOWS?. What kind of tool could help us to keep governance in all this interface & mapping objects?( think bigger, think in thousands of objects ).

For those ones who had worked with SAP XI/PI/PO should know the answer, the Enterprise Service Repository is the solution, but how can we use it with CPI?

The only way so far ( hopefully not for long time ) is using a custom adapter to connect with an on-premise ESR via HTTPS ( cloud connector ) with HMI message protocol:


If you got the idea then your eyes should be shinning, imagine using all the functionalities of your on-premise ESR with all the flexibility of your CPI tenant, the perfect match.

Therefore, for those ones who have free time I challenge you to build such kind of adapter and share your experience.


Not forget, be curious! ?


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      Author's profile photo Daniel Graversen
      Daniel Graversen

      Agree on the governance in CPI is much different than what we have on PI. And it is nostalgic to remember when everything was fixed and simplified.

      I do like the idea of being able to use the ESR to store common used objects.

      In the Figaf tool, we have taken an approach to make it possible to save common artifacts and then synchronize them to the iflows where this is used. It does make sense for some of the object scripts or XSDs you want to reuse.

      Author's profile photo Naresh Dasika
      Naresh Dasika

      How this is different from ES Repository? With the existing option it is possible to download content from ESR.

      Author's profile photo Ramakrishna Gunti
      Ramakrishna Gunti

      Hi Naresh,

      Existing steps MM and OM in CPI are only to use Messaage Mapping and Operation Mapping after importing MM and OM under resource tap in CPI iFlow artifact.

      If any chang is done in ESR's MM and OM then again these objects to be imported into CPI (under resource tab)again to reflect changes.

      But incase of calling  (ESR MM or OM) directly from CPI iflow no action is required at iFlow. Every time you make a call then new/change/latest version object will be called. Hence we can skip importing everytime ESR objet get changed.

      Not only that, The direct calling option is going to make developers like easy When we use PO's CIC ( Cloud Integration Content) runtime for CPI iFlow execution.

      Warm Regards,


      Author's profile photo Maximiliano Colman
      Maximiliano Colman
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Gunti,

      You got the point, and don’t forget all the external definitions cross all the iflows.

      It’s clear that SAP put all the resources in the wrong place ( inside of iflows ), them must be centralized in another place like the ESR.


      Kind Regards.


      Author's profile photo Raffael Herrmann
      Raffael Herrmann

      Hi Maximiliano Colman ,

      "[...] must be centralized in another place like the ESR" - and that's the point. Like ESR, not in ESR.

      As much as I wish there was something like an ESR. I would consider an ESR adapter a bad idea, because...

      1. ...a dependency on the SAP PO would then arise. And not every customer has a SAP PO or wants to keep it forever.
      2. objects would be created in the ESR at the end (because, for example, the data type editor is so convenient) that are only intended for the CPI. In the end, it is no longer possible to distinguish in the ESR which object is only used in the SAP PO and which in the SAP CPI.

      In my view, a suitable solution can only be one that also runs in the cloud and has no dependencies on the SAP PO ESR. Something like a "SAP CPI ESR".

      Author's profile photo vijay Kumar
      vijay Kumar


      And also every time to reference from CPI to on-perm PO ESR is not a sustainable idea . If we have a repo in CPI would be good idea .



      Author's profile photo Hilmar Falkenberg
      Hilmar Falkenberg

      Hi Maximiliano Colman,

      you can store your 'shared' XSDs, XSLTs, Scripts directly in SCPI leveraging the "Partner Directory"

      E.g. Dynamically Reading XSLT Mappings from the Partner Directory


      Author's profile photo Maximiliano Colman
      Maximiliano Colman
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Hilmar,

      I hope that you are not comparing all the functionalities of the ESR with the Partner Directory API, they are two very different tools.


      Kind Regards.