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Author's profile photo Xavier DUPEYRAT

Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP05

Focused Insights Product Management and Services (SAP Digital Business Services) is pleased to announce that Focused Insights 2.0 SPS05 for SAP Solution Manager is available. (Release ST-OST 2.0 SP05 – January 2020).


Usage Rights

As of 2020:

  • Customers get the usage rights for Focused Build and Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager without additional cost.
  • SAP Premium Engagement customers no longer have to book a service to obtain the usage rights for Focused Build and Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager.




2020 global availability rollout preparation:


Data Sources

ATC Data Provider

DP ATC is used to consume data produced by the SAP Solution Manager Custom Code Quality Cockpit scenario. For each Quality Cockpit projects it offers the following metrics:

Metrics Description
Number of objects number of objects managed in the ATC project.
Number of violations number of objects in the ATC project with ATC errors (priority 1 and 2)
Number of errors number of objects in the ATC project with ATC errors with priority 1.
Number of warning number of objects in the ATC project with ATC errors with priority 2.
Coverage number of objects used in the production system of the ATC project.

Quality rating of the ATC project for benchmarking. This metric provides an rating of the overall quality of the ATC project with 2 indicators:

Violations from 3 to 0: 3: no violations, 2: no Errors (priority 1), no Warning (priority 2), only information violations (priority 3)., 1: Errors but no Warning, only information violations, 0: Errors, Warning, and information violations.

Backlog from 5 to 0: Percentage of objects of the ATC Runs without violation, 5: 100%, 4: 80% < 100%, 3: 60% < 80%, 2: 40% < 60%, 1: 20% < 40%, 0: 0%< 20%.


Percentage of used object with violations.

This indicator provides a measurement of the risk associated to a set of objects contained in an ATC run: This is measured with the percentage of used object with violations (Priority 1,2 and 3)

100%: Indicates that all objects with violations are used in the production system.

0%: Indicates that none of the objects with violations are used in the production system.



TABLE Data Provider

DP_TABLE let you read time series and data from a database table located on Solution Manager or on an ABAP managed system connected to Solution Manager.



Metrics Variants

The /STDF/DP_SYSMON data provider has been extended to propose variants group when available for a specific metrics. When a metrics defines variants, a new pop-up provide the list of available variant paths.

Example :

  • Metric Name: FILESYSTEM_USED_% 
  • Metric Paths“FILESYS_NAME=/”







Dynamic Table

Sort, filter on dynamic tables column.

Display Attributes to change/reorder Column Name: $COLUMN_NAME>$DISPLAY_COLUMN_NAME

Filter Values: $COLUMN_NAME : [$VALUE]*




Bubble Chart

New renderer for Bubble Chart to show the correlation between 3 measures grouped by dimension

Display a measure on each axis and a third measure is reflected in the size of the bubble.

  • Use the [dimension] / [measure]of the query legend.



Categorical Bubble Chart: (Need minimum 3 queries)

  • First metric is for X axis,
  • Second for Y axis,
  • Third for Bubble width.
Time Series Bubble Chart: (Need minimum 2 queries)

  • First query is for Y Axis,
  • Second query is the Width.
  • Time will be used for X-Axis



Gadget Calculation

Combine gadgets results into a new gadget. Compute results for expressions based on:

  • predefined operators: +, -, *, /.
  • Gadget Operators: Table SUM.
  • Constant.

Gadget Restrictions:

  • Valid only for dynamic table renderers.
  • Support only gadget global sum (GSUM) operator: add all cells of single table.


Time Dimension Shift Option

The Shift option adapts the period selected at the gadget level. The Shift option is accessible for each query properties settings.

Usage: Metrics trends/values comparison



  • Applies only if the shift resolution matches the gadget resolution.
  • Support only Month resolution.


Query Period is shifted by 2 months according to the gadget Period:


Operation Dashboard

  • [ALERT TYPE] text has been removed from all Tiles


Focused Insights Launchpad

  • Default page now appears in the last place when custom pages are requested





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      Author's profile photo Vincent Segami
      Vincent Segami

      Hi Xavier,

      I'm sure this question has been asked before but when will we get the ability to export the reporting to pdf? I think this is a required key functionality within Focused Insights.



      Author's profile photo Xavier DUPEYRAT
      Xavier DUPEYRAT
      Blog Post Author

      This is already available for SLR dashboards.


      Author's profile photo Angel Manuel Kaiser Saldana
      Angel Manuel Kaiser Saldana

      Dear Xavier


      I just made a presentation to my IT Responsible and we are ready to implement

      Just 2 questions:

      How much time we need to implement from scratch to be able to show dshboards

      How many resource we need to increase in Solution Manager in order to run focused insight (estimed users: 25)

      Author's profile photo Mauricio Giovanni Branada Montoya
      Mauricio Giovanni Branada Montoya



      Depending on your sokman's SP level can be a very tedious work implementing the required notes.

      I did install the add-on and notes vor SP4 wave 6.2 on a Solman SP9 and I struggled with the notes for about 2-3 days.

      After that, if you know what to do, you can configure some dashboards in 1-2 days.

      Assuming you have done setup for all managed systems and have your monitoring setup as well.

      The resources doesn't change much unless you want to have a very long historical data, so you will keep more data in your BW. This you can change on the Solman Setup.