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What is data intelligence?

What is data intelligence?

Data intelligence is derived value and insight extracted from data.  Data intelligence fuels innovation. Data in core applications has enormous value from your business processes to your services, products, customers, orders, materials, invoices, etc.   Application data may also include streaming, video, media, and be enhanced with data from other applications, edge data, purchased data, external data. Data intelligence is the application of techniques to extract value from structured, unstructured, streaming, internal, external data and information in order to drive data innovation. Techniques used for data intelligence include data orchestration to cleanse, correlate, prepare, and integrate multifaceted data; machine learning and artificial intelligence to derive insight and new discoveries; metadata management and data cataloging to understand the data and its potential value.

What is SAP Data Intelligence?

SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive solution to deliver data-driven innovation and intelligence across the enterprise, unifying scalable enterprise AI and intelligent information management.    It includes data orchestration, machine learning, and metadata management to drive data innovation.

SAP Data Intelligence is depicted in the following figure.  On the left you see that SAP Data Intelligence works with any data source: structured, unstructured, streaming. This could be data in various hybrid applications, spanning SAP and non-SAP.  It includes media, video, data external to your company such as social, weather, news, other data that can be used to maximize value.

SAP Data Intelligence first must discover, access, and prepare the data.  Understanding, cleansing, and preparing the data can take valuable time and resources, reducing the time spent on innovating new data processes.  SAP Data Intelligence provides simple connectivity, metadata crawlers, and advanced data preparation capabilities. This is the beginning of the ‘how to data intelligence’.  The data can then be transformed and processed. The transformations can be typical ETL transformations, or use artificial intelligence, complex machine learning algorithms, or any custom transformation.  Data is orchestrated across distributed landscapes and processing engines.   All of this must be done at enterprise scale, from test lab environments to deployment, to training and re-training machine learning, to ensuring the data is unbiased, secure, protected, compliant, and trusted.



The foundation layer for SAP Data Intelligence is based on intelligent information management: including data cataloging, data orchestration, data fabric and data ops capabilities. The enterprise artificial intelligence layer provides the full lifecycle for machine learning, including development (and AutoML), deployment, and full lifecycle management.

To learn more, see the data intelligence resource center at

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