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Date / Day Wise Trial Balance in ECC – General Ledger


Standard SAP will allow to pick trial balance of any General Ledger based on period defined in system.  But there is a requirement from industry that it required date wise trial balance, and trial balance for the selected period it may be of any form.  Mixed period or week etc.,


SAP has standard report F.08, F.01 and so on but all runs for a period defined in system.

Suggested ways to approach:

  • Can be tried based on Calendar reporting period field in special evaluation tab. But it’s doesn’t solve required purpose.
  • GRCT – installing FAGLFLEXA, coping FAGLFLEXT and proceeding with building report with posting date field. Creating report library using GRR1 – This also didn’t succeed because of performance Issue.
  • S_ALR_87012310 – didn’t match with GL balances.

Proposed Solution:

Creating a ‘Z’ Custom program and providing selection screen parameters/selection options as company code, F-Period, Date and GL if required can give Business Area.

By calling few function modules this can be obtained, G_GIVE_LEDGERS_FOR_GLT0 and reading BKPF / BSEG and perform calculations like  “glt0hslvt,  glt0hsl01, glt0hsl02 .
Below code to get FI_period for specified selection screen dates.

        EXPORTING i_budat = budat-high                
                  i_periv = t001-periv                 
                  i_monat = g_last_monat
        IMPORTING e_gjahr = bupej_high                  
                  e_monat = monat-high.      

Followed by this FAGL_GET_GLT0 helps to get business area wise report.

Loop result table and write coding according to requirement.

Screen shots:


Tried with all possible approach to build this report and achieved the requirements screenshots attached for reference.



Abinath Sivasankaran.

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