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Join SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office Extended Beta phase (Closed)

* As the beta program is ending by May 15, 2020, we are not accepting new participants.

The product is planned to be available soon on the market, more information to come after May 18th , stay tuned! * 


SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office provides customers a brand-new Microsoft Office experience and offers tight integration into SAP Analytics Cloud, giving them the freedom to slice and dice SAP Analytics Cloud models in any Microsoft Office version.

The new add-in is accessible directly from the Microsoft Store as an application, and it is suited for all SAP Analytics Cloud customers willing to gain technical agility and facilitate large deployments as it not required any set up installation. It is ready for multi-device/platform usage. SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office is supported on any Windows or Apple device.


After a first period of limited Beta , we want to extend it to offer  the add- in Beta experience to our SAP Analytics Cloud customers.

How to be part of this Beta Phase?

Consider pre-requisites:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud deployment on Cloud Foundry only with the domain
  • Access to MS Office store or if you need to centrally deploy the add-in: Exchange online
  • Get MS Office 365 license
  • Get Data-acquired in SAP Analytics Cloud models
    • Operating systems specifics:
    • Windows environment: Excel online, On-prem.  Note: Desktop version requires Windows 1903
    • Mac environment: Excel online, On-prem
  • Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
  • Mandatory for legal reason: *Get a Test Evaluation Agreement (TEA) signed* 

How to sign the TEA?

Please use this link (Removed after May 11, 2020)  and log in with your S-User, fill in the fields, read and accept the online Test and Evaluation Agreement (TEA).

As soon as this has been completed, a workflow will be started and sent to our colleagues from Software Delivery Department.

After having processed it, you will receive an email with all details regarding the further steps.

Please note that the TEA is a standard agreement which has been created and approved by the SAP SE Legal Department, therefore the TEA content is not negotiable

How to communicate with SAP during the Beta phase?

You will be in direct contact with SAP Development and Product Management during the period of the Beta via a Private Jam group.

After the TEA signed you will be invited to this JAM.

In the jam you can find all information related to the product installation via a private Help portal, test scope, tips, new features, component to enter tickets if you find bugs.

Test Scope, new features, fixes

As we plan to release new features every 4 weeks, the test scope will be enriched during the Beta. This will be reflected automatically in the product, with no action from your side.  The JAM group contains details on enriched test scope in a dedicated section to support you during your tests.

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  • Hello Jeanne,

    1) One of the requirements is:

    "SAP Analytics Cloud deployment on Cloud Foundry only with the domain"

    Does it mean that after Beta - Excel add-in will be only available on Cloud Foundry environment?

    2) What about planning? Does the current wave of beta cover also planning within Excel Add-in?



    • Hi Krzysztof,

      1) That's the current situation ,and we know it's an important  limitation that we may  need to consider  but it's not in our current roadmap.

      2) Planning is not available on the current beta version but it's one of the key feature we want to support and it's definitively in our roadmap for GA - planned Q2 2020.

      Best regards


  • Hi Jeanne,

    our SAC tenants are based on Cloud Foundry, but our domain doesn't match "".

    Instead our domain is "". Will we be able to use the add-in anyway as our tenants are based on Cloud Foundry?

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,


    • Hi Agnetha,

      no, this is a current limitation.

      SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for MS Office currently only supports (CF-)tenants with the domain

      Background is  the Excel add-in runs in an iframe within Excel. For security reasons, it can only call other URLs within the same domain. So the landing page (where you can log on) needs to be in the same domain as the customer's SAC tenant. We are working on allowing this as soon as possible.



  • Hello Jeanne,

    where can I get the installation file for
    ANALYSISOFFICE_OCEAN 1.0 - SAC Edition for MS Office 1.0


    Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards Dietmar

  • Hello Jeanne,


    We have completed the TEA on 04-Feb-2020 15:55:29 and have not heard anything via email. We have a very eager user group who wants to explore via SAC Edition for MS Office but I have no status to share with them.

    I have checked my SPAM box and I have not seen anything on SAC Edition for MS Office.

    Is there someone I can reach out to so to confirm whether we have been accepted or rejected for the beta?


    Thanks in Advance,


        • Good Morning Jeanne,

          I have not seen a JAM invite via email nor a JAM notification for joining on my account.

          Just wanted to check if you have seen any issues from your side? I can be reached via email to take this conversation away from the blog postings.

          Thanks Again,



  • Hi Jeanne,

    we signed the TEA on 13/02/2020. We're very interested in this new feature of SAC, and we want to test it for our user cases scenarios.

    Can you please check why we didn't receive anything about it?

    Best regards

    Daniele Tiles

  • Hi Jeanne,

    I signed the TEA last week and I received an email confirming the SAP Preshipment Request Form status was completed.

    Please let me know what else needs to be done on my side, in order to install and test the excel add'in,

    Thanks and regards,