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Decentralized EWM on S/4HANA – Deployment , transfer of master data & transaction data and functionalities

My previous blog on decentralized EWM on S/4HANA as in URL highlights the release of new Decentralized EWM on S/4HANA.This blog is aimed to provide more details on it and its initial set up.

First of all , new decentralized EWM is the same S/4HANA box which needs to be set (or flagged) as ‘EWM is Decentralized’ in IMG path SCM Extended warehouse management ->Extended warehouse management->Enable Decentralized EWM.

It is very important to note the SAP documentation on that IMG path which states “no other applications in SAP S/4HANA, such as PP, SD, or MM, will be used in the same client for the decentral warehouse-managed stock.” i.e ERP functionalities should not be carried in this decentralized EWM system.

Decentralized EWM on S/4HANA 1909 can be interfaced with ERP, either with ECC 6.0 Ehp 3 (or higher) or S/4HANA 1610 (or higher) as in below image.  Refer SAP note 2871189 for more details.

There are some differences in transfer of master data from ERP to new decentralized EWM on S/4HANA as captured in below image. In present (or classic) decentralized EWM on NW or SCM , master data (Material , customer, vendor etc) is transferred to decentralized EWM through Core Interface (CIF), however ALE / IDOC or web service needs to be used to transfer material , batch , customer , vendor etc . However same CIF is to be used to transfer Packaging instruction.

SAP has provided an integration guide with note 2840129.  There may be errors like in below image while trying to create customer (Business partner) in decentralized EWM on S/4HANA.

System is trying to create internal number range for the customer /BP as in above image . However, customers may prefer to have the same number also in decentralized EWM for customer or vendor number in ERP i.e the number range should be external in EWM. So, the number ranges may need to be fine tuned depending on the specific requirement .

As per the simplification in S/4HANA, customers / vendors are accessed through transaction BP (Business partner). Note that customers / vendors are still created in S/4HANA in same ERP tables( KNA1 for customer and LFA1 for vendor) along with BP table BUT000. So, the number ranges for the customer (/ vendor) and business partner need to be aligned for business partner grouping and customer (vendor) account group in EWM IMG menu paths as below

  • Cross application components->SAP Business partner->Basic settings->Number ranges and groupings->Define groupings and assign number ranges
  • Logistic general->Business partner->Customers->Control->Define and assign customer number ranges->Define Number Ranges for Customer Master

The above error is rectified by maintaining the number range set as external  in decentralized EWM in above menu paths corresponding to customer / vendor number of ERP side. Number range for vendor also needs to be set up in same way. Logic for creation of business partner in decentralized EWM can be found in form DETERMINE_BP_GROUP of program SAPLVV02 .

Transaction data is transferred (bi-directional) through the same queued RFC in decentralized EWM on S/4HANA as shown above in 3rd image.  Transaction document also looks the same as in embedded or classic decentralized EWM. Refer the below image for an inbound delivery in decentralized EWM on S/4HANA.

However, note that the functionalities in decentralized EWM on S/4HANA are not exactly the same as in embedded EWM or classic decentralized EWM 9.5 on NW or SCM. Refer note 2840129 for more details on differences.

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    • Hi Markus,

      Yes, EWM 9.1 can be migrated to decentral EWM on S/4HANA . In these cases,ECC / ERP version is relevant . Refer the note 2871189 for the compatible ECC version for decentral EWM on S/4HANA.



  • Hi Experts,

    what could be the reason to not continue with CIF and instead use ALE/idoc?

    "There are some differences in transfer of master data from ERP to new decentralized EWM on S/4HANA as captured in below image. In present (or classic) decentralized EWM on NW or SCM , master data (Material , customer, vendor etc) is transferred to decentralized EWM through Core Interface (CIF), however ALE / IDOC or web service needs to be used to transfer material , batch , customer , vendor etc ."


    Does ALE/Idoc provide more flexibility to select which fields are copied to De-central EWM (HANA)?

    Thanks for the response.

    Manish Bhavsar


      • Hi All,

        As per our recent implementation / migration experience of DEWM with 1909 and 2020 below are the key points we observed:

        1. ALE provides field level control of master data - example what fields will be subject for distribution, changing which field should invoke resend/update of master data - controlled using distribution model.
        2. Even if you use the Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) in SAP ERP, the transfer of customer and vendor data via ALE to decentralized EWM is based on the customer and vendor master data and not on the business partner master data.
        3. We can config reduce message type (as mentioned in point 1 - selective fields) with
          transaction BD53 or report /SPE/R_DEC_EWM_REDUCE_MESSTYPE.

        SAP provide recommend two methods for master data replication:

        a. ALE

        b. Data Replication Frame Work (DRF) - only if you do not use ALE Communication.


        Refer SAP NetWeaver Document Version: 2.5 - 2020-04-02 for more details (section 6 & 8)


  • Hi Mrinal

    How about the migration from EWM 9.5 to decentral EWM on S/4HANA,  is this complete migration of EWM 9.5 master and transnational data just like an upgrade or kind of fresh implementation like maser data, open stock and open transactions?

    Thank you



    • Hi Ramesh,

      It is not like a fresh implementation, but a migration to a different system. Migration tool supports migration of customizing , local master data, stock etc . Transaction data is not migrated.

      With regards,


  • Hi Ramesh,

    we do have an ECC and before moving to S/4HANA we need to setup an EWM+TM.

    Can we start with both of them on the latest release as decentralized, and later perform the migration from ECC to S/4HANA while switching EWM and TM to centralized ?



  • Hi Mrinal,


    If we install a S/4 Hana client and configure the EWM as decentralized, within the same client, can we integrate this decentralized EWM with S/4 Hana ERP (MM, SD, LE) information within the same client instance? Or we shall install stand alone instance for decentralized EWM?

    Appreciate for your comment.

    • Hi,

      of course - NOT. Selecting in the client that the EWM is decentralized, clearly means that in this client no other application is used.



  • Hi All,

    Is it possible to have one S/4 ERP running a warehouse on embedded eWM and another warehouse on a decentralized eWM?

    Not able to find a solution for this kind of deployment in any of the documentations or notes from SAP.



    • Hi Kumar,

      Warehouse is determined based on storage location . Hence , one warehouse can be in embedded EWM and another warehouse can be on decentral EWM on S/4HANA. You may refer my below blog

      But, the same instance of Decentral EWM can not be used as an embedded EWM.

      With regards,



  • Hi Mrinal,

    We need to know SOAMANAGER set up  for S4 TM with decentral EWM( EWM on different client) . Please let us know where we can find it .



  • Hi Mrinal,

    First, many tanx for your blogs ^^

    i've read in this blog ( that integration by IDoc is not a supported within S/4HANA EWM.

    is there another solution to integrate a non-SAP ERP with a decentralized EWM? and what is the best option?



  • Hi Mrinal,

    Is it possible that say a warehouse has been set up in embedded EWM in S4 and later on there is a realization that there is a performance issue and we want to now switch that same warehouse to decentralize taking into account that transactions have already been performed?
    Same question of say starting from Decentralize EWM on S4 and switching our warehouse to embedded in S4 later?


    Kind regards,


    • Hi Shirley,

      In our recent implementation we face similar challenge, but identified during Initial build stage. Hence we have to move out config and master data. No transactional data!

      As per that experience there are options:

      1. First asses if adv license with Embedded EWM can solve your need.
      2. Else migrate to DEWM.
      3. For DEWM to Embedded - dont have such experience, but we need to keep in mind the limitation with respect to process available in Embedded and accordingly simplify the business cases.