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Author's profile photo Gopinath Murugaiyan

Offboarding 2.0

Offboarding 2.0 allows you to set up a exit process for employees leaving the company.


A)Offboarding 2.0 simplified concept.{Publishing and Subscribing Event}

B)Procedures to enable Offboarding 2.0 configuration Events.

C)Troubleshooting Steps.

A)Offboarding 2.0 Simplified Concept:

Publishing Event:

1.Once employee is terminated in Employee Central,system will check Event reason provided by employee for separation .

2.Termination Rule Mapping is done in Job information model {mentioned in step 4(C section)} and based on it system will identify which Termination Rule to be Executed.

3.Termination rule(Event_Term) will comprise of list of event reasons for termination {mentioned in step 4 (A)section} .

4.System will compare the event reason provided by employee (as mention in step 1) is matching with event reason in Termination Rule(Event_Term),then Offboarding Event will be Published.

Subscribing Event:

1.In order to subscribe the published event,Initiate Offboarding Configuration rule will be executed{mentioned in step 3(B section)}.

2.Manager Review Step:Once  Initiate Offboarding Configuration is evaluated successfully,then the rule ONB2_OFB_ManagerReviewCheck will get executed and Manager Tile will be created in Manager Homepage to review offboarding information of terminated employee.

3.Employee Step:Once manager reviewed terminated employee information,then rule ONB2_OFB_EmployeeReviewCheck will get executed and Review Offboarding Information Tile will be created for Employee to review his/her record .

4.Employee will review details and complete employee step.

5.Once Employee step is Completed,Offboarding2.0  Programs will get created for manager (ex:Farewell message){Based on Offboarding Task configuration rule execution mentioned in Step 5}

6.Offboarding 2.0 is completed successfully  by publishing and subscribing events.

Procedure to Enable Offboarding2.0 configuration:

Step 1:Provisioning Switch:

Enable below offboarding2.0 switch in provisioning-company settings:

“Offboarding 2.0 — requires “Enable Generic Objects”, “Version 12 UI framework (Revolution)”, “Enable Business Process Engine”, “Enable Intelligent Services [Do not use, please use Upgrade Center to enable Intelligent Services]” and “Enable the Attachment Manager”

Step 2:Business Rules:

Once Offboarding 2.0 switch is enabled ,SAP standard default rules will be added to instance.Go to admin centre-configure business rules and check whether below rules is created by default.

Please refer implementation guide ( To check default rules creation for manager and employee review check.



When the Offboarding process is initiated to an employee, the manager can view and edit  information of the employee who’s leaving the company.

Manager task tile will be created only if rule ONB2_OFB_ManagerReviewCheck get evaluated.


When the Offboarding process is initiated to an employee,  employee can view and edit his/her own information in portlets.

Employee task tile will be created  if rule ONB2_OFB_EmployeeReviewCheck get evaluated.


Step 3:Role Based Permission :

Enable below RBP  permissions for Admin User :

Manage Onboarding 2.0 or Offboarding 2.0
  • Administrate Onboarding 2.0 or Offboarding 2.0 content
  • Cancel Onboarding Permission.
Onboarding 2.0 or Offboarding 2.0 Permissions
  • View Documents Permission
  • Access Additional Onboarding Data Permission

Onboarding 2.0 or Offboarding 2.0 Object Permissions

  • Asset Task
  • Buddy Task
  • Document Template
  • Document Data
  • Document Flow
  • Knowledge Transfer Plan
  • Knowledge Transfer Task
  • Meeting Task
  • Message Task
  • Equipment Type
  • Equipment Type Value
  • Process
Onboarding 2.0 or Offboarding 2.0 Admin Object Permissions
  • ONB2OffboardingActivitiesConfigView/Edit
  • ONB2ResponsibilityConfig
Manage Document Generation
  • Manage Document Template
  • Manage Document Template Mapping
  • Generate All Documents as Admin
  • Mass generate all documents as an admin
Configure Document Management
  • Configure Document Management
Configure DocuSign eSignature
  • Configure DocuSign eSignature
  • Manage DocuSign envelopes
Configure Email Framework Permissions
  • Configure Email Categories
  • Configure Email Triggers
  • Configure Email Templates
  • Configure Audit Trail
  • Allow Resend Emails

Step 4:Create a Business Rule with Event Reasons and a Offboarding Initiation Rule for Publishing and Subscribing Events.


A)Business Rule with event reason for Publishing Event: Once offboarding is initiated for employee ,event reason maintained during separation will get compared with this business rule and event will be Published.

B)Business Rule  for Subscribing Event:

Rule must be created with scenario:Initiate Offboarding Configuration in order to subscribe event .

Consider for example:If candidate termination reason is :”Death” and you can maintain if condition with event reason “Not equal to Death ” in below rule so that if candidate is death no need to carry out OFB 2.0 process completely rather he will be terminated in employee central only and become inactive user.

Then condition is not required.

C)Map the event reason rule(created in step (a) in step4) in admin center-manage business configuration-Job Info-Trigger Rules.

Event Type should be Post-save

Step 5:Configuring Offboarding 2.0 Programs:

Offboarding Program is groups of tasks required for offboarding process.

ONB2OffboardingActivitiesConfig permission(mentioned in step3) must be enabled to create Offboarding program.

Go to admin centre-Manage Onboarding2.0 and Offboarding 2.0 Tasks-Offboarding Programs-

Create a offboarding programme with list of following tasks:

Write Farewell Message.
Announce Termination to Coworkers
Create Knowledge Transfer Plan
Schedule Meetings
List Of Assets to be returned.
Track Return of Assets.

Offboarding Program Rule must be created with scenario:Offboarding Task configuration .Based on this rule ,offboarding programme will be created for managers.


C)Troubleshooting Steps:

Kindly follow above procedures to configure  offboarding module.

If offboarding activity is not triggering ,please check below steps for troubleshooting:

1)verify whether configurations and RBP is maintained in client system.

2)Go to admin centre–BPE :Monitor Process and check whether Offboarding call is happened.if offboarding call is not happened then there is an issue in rules where system is not able to subscribe event.Please cross verify your rules.

3)Go to admin centre-Manage data-Process object and check whether offboarding activity  is triggered.

4.Check BPE error tile in Homepage of manager to check error message.

With above configurations and Troubleshooting steps,you will be able to do offboarding configurations based on customer requirement.

If still issue persists,Please log a support ticket with ONB2.0 certification .Support Team will check system and advise.

Best Of Luck!!

PS:You can Modify conditions in  rule based on customer requirement.I attached screenshots from my demo system and maintained a simple rule.

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      Author's profile photo Eduarda Klein Netto
      Eduarda Klein Netto

      Thanks for sharing, Gopinath!

      Is it possible to add MDF objects in the offboarding process? For example, if I wanna create a MDF with a survey about the employee's experience, is it possible to integrate this MDF in the offboarding process?

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Flávio Tavares
      Flávio Tavares

      Hi Eduarda,

      As a Workaround you can do it using P&G Module do achieve the same Or qualtrics


      Author's profile photo Gopinath Murugaiyan
      Gopinath Murugaiyan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi ,custom mdf is not possible in offboarding.we already highlighted it to product team.Keep you posted

      Author's profile photo Jitendra Kumar
      Jitendra Kumar

      Dear Gopinath,

      Is it possible if we can assign the Offboarding tasks to the respective locations offboarding admins. Can we filter users based on the location of the terminated user...

      For example... if we terminate an employee from location1, the offboading tasks should be assigned to Offboarding user 1, if from Location2, tasks to be assigned to Offabording Admin user2. As of now it is group based.

      Best Regards


      Author's profile photo Maureen Ahlmann
      Maureen Ahlmann

      Hello Jitendra, did you ever get an answer to your question about assigning tasks to user based on location?

      Author's profile photo Mohammad Javed
      Mohammad Javed

      Yes we did

      Author's profile photo Rohit Mohite
      Rohit Mohite

      Mohammad Javed Could you please brief on how did you achieved this?

      Author's profile photo SURYA ALLURI

      Is there any reason you haven't added OFB 2.0 document step flow info in the above note? I have configured OFB 2.0 and while testing Document flow step is not triggering.

      Author's profile photo Mario Perez
      Mario Perez



      Is it possible to restart an Offboarding Process? I don't find the option.





      Author's profile photo Janani Arachchige
      Janani Arachchige

      Hi Gopinath,

      This was very informative & I need an answer to a requirement by one of my clients.

      Is there any possibility for us to add any custom Tasks & sub tasks while sending relevant email notifications to the respective groups?

      I have added the requested sample tasks, sub task & roles which we need to assign each task.

      I would appreciate a proper answer to this from your end, to validate whether we can create any number of tasks & sub tasks according to the customer requirement.

      No Task Sub Task Role
      01 Clearance_Services Network Access Clearance Network_Access
      ERP System Access Clearance ERP System Access
      SFA System Access Clearance SFA_System_Access
      Capex System Access Clearance Capex_System_Access
      O365 Access Clearance O365_Access
      HR Services Medical Clearance Offboarding_Team_Member
      HR Services Payment Clearance Offboarding_Team_Member
      Monetary Benefit Clearance Offboarding_Team_Member
      Cash & Debt Clearance Offboarding_Team_Member
      Travel Advance Clearance Travel_Advance_Clearance
      Fuel Card Clearance Fuel_Card_Clearance
      02 Clearance_Assets IT Hardware Clearance IT_Hardware
      IT Internet Devices Clearance IT_InternetDevices
      IT Mobile Equipment Clearance IT_MobileEquipment
      IT SFA Clearance IT_SFA
      HR Asset Clearance HR_AssetClearance
      BU Asset Clearance BU_AssetClearance
      03 Meeting Activity Survey Offboarding_Team_Member
      Interview Offboarding_Team_Member
      04 Service Letter Offboarding_Team_Member
      05 Final Payment Offboarding_Team_Member
      06 Communicating Resigned Employees to Group Offboarding_Team_Member

      Thanks a lot.

      Janani Mallikaarachchige