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Author's profile photo Jens Limbach

Part 7a: Linking Business Objects via an “Association”

You will learn how to create an association which establish a link / relation between your business objects and the standard business objects.

We will link our business object for the Seminars to the standard business object Employees in order to be able to select later a teacher for each seminar which is associated to an employee of the CRM.

In theĀ previous video blog I explained how to further fine tune your generated UI.

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      Author's profile photo Orestis Xeni
      Orestis Xeni

      Hi Jens,


      I have imported in my bo the below but my association toItems is marked as error and i get the below error: No alternative key found in node 'Root' of business object 'TradeReceivablesPayablesRegister'

      import AP.DueItemManagement.Global; 
      	element CustomerID:		ID;
      	element StartDate:		Date;
      	element EndDate:		Date;
      	element CompanyID:		ID;
      	[Transient]	element PrintUUID:UUID;
      	association toBusinessPartner to BusinessPartner;
      	association toCompany to Company;
      	association toItems to TradeReceivablesPayablesRegister;
      	node items [0,n] {
      		element CustomerID		:ID;
      		element CompanyID		:ID;
      		element PostingDate		:Date;
      		element DocumentType	:TaxReceivablesPayablesRegisterItemSplitItemTypeCode;
      		element DocumentTypeDesc:LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_LONG_Name;
      		element DocumentNumber	:DocumentID;
      		element DocumentDescr	:LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_LONG_Name;
      		element DueDate			:Date;
      		element OAmount			:Amount;
      		element RAmount			:Amount;
      		element BAmount			:Amount;


      I guess that i am doing something wrong. Any ideas?


      Thank you,