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Part 6: Basic fine tuning of the generated UIs

You will learn how to do some basic adjustments to the generated UI in order to look even nicer. We will adjust the different screens of our Seminar Management solution.

In the previous video blog I explained how to test your first solution.

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    • Hey Alejandro,

      I do those videos more or less aside from my normal job when I find the time. I guess for beginners they are the best source to get an idea about the C4C SDK. It would for sure be a good idea to also place them in the enable CX portal.


      • Thanks for your answer Jens Limbach, I love the Enablement Portal, however it is still very "functional" although it has some technical stuff. I would love the see some "C4C SDK" although I have expertise on it. Not only basic stufff for begginers but also some nice advanced content. Hope you can get into that soon as your material is pretty clear and well explained! All the best!

        • Hey Alejandro Kinsbrunner ,

          I am already in contact with the colleagues. They have some strict guidelines but probably after little adjustments, they might be able to put it also on line in the enablement portal. I keep you updated!



  • Hi Jens,

    Thank you for your blogs. It is helping me a lot in learning.


    Few things observed while doing this exercise in 2002 release version,

    1. TI screen can have one tab
    2. Company Setting 'Enable New Quick View' is blogging the Quick View screen to be displayed when hover over

    Let me know if there is some misunderstanding.





    • Hey Jamal,

      it is planned to get the "new quick view" screen also with 2005. Once this is released I plan to do a video on it. For now you can either have the old Quick View or no quick view.

      And yes its correct that TI must have one tab.