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Turn Your Cellphone Into Your Wallet

Cashless and one-touch payment is becoming a normal part of everyday life, with options opening up across stores, public transport, online purchases, and utility billing. 


With your money secure and hidden on your mobile phone, turning your phone into your wallet means one less thing to remember about when leaving the house. You will never be stuck in a rut again if you run out of cash or can’t find a working ATM.  


Additionally, there is an ever-growing market of downloadable apps for Android and Apple users that let you use your device to pay cashless in other ways. These are a great option for the busy individual or for those who struggle with payment plans and math. 


Below are the 3 best apps to help you organize your money, keep your finances on track, and your bank balance in the green. Easy, convenient, and fast, cashless payments could easily be the future of currency.


Square Cash

A close-knit community of friends is a lovely thing to have in life, but from time to time, some friends can become forgetful when it comes to money owed.


From something minor like a meal or something significant like a ticket abroad, we all lend money to help support our friends, but equally, we also expect it back. Otherwise, it can cause rifts.


Money between friends can make or break a relationship. Square Cash aims to take the dilemma out of lending and make it simple for friends to pay each other back. This app allows you to request money from each other and creates a tag so everyone knows exactly what the money is for. There’s also an option for a summary and invoice if this were ever needed. 


Don’t let money get in the way of your friendship. Use Square pay to mop up the awkwardness and ensure you’ll always be in the know about your money ins and outs. 


The dreaded chore of the laundry pile is made worse when you don’t have your own washing machine. For those that live in shared accommodation, apartment blocks, or small apartments, this trip to the laundromat or shared laundry space is part of your daily lifestyle. 


No matter how organized you are in your laundry rituals, you are sure to fall victim to the dreaded missing quarter or the spilled basket as you fumble through your pockets to find your loose change.


ShinePay mobile app makes these scenarios a thing of the past. Simply scan your QR code on any ShinePay compatible machine and your set to spin. It’s a fast, no-hassle, cashless payment that is set to make an inevitable chore a little more bearable. 


The words ‘student loan’ is enough to make anyone shudder! Your student loan is often the longest standing debt that chases you throughout your adult life. It can be a cruelling climb to your final payment. 


ChangEd is a student loan repayment app with a difference; it aims to turn your cents into dollars. ChangEd tracks your spending but rounds everything you spend up to the nearest dollar and automatically pays your loan company with what is accumulated when it reaches $100. You can customize your round-ups and send one-off transfers to give yourself an extra boost when needed.


The app also has some other side features to help you quickly increase your cash, reaching milestones, referring others, and involving family and friends can all contribute to your loan repayment. 


This way, you won’t even notice the disappearing cash, and be overjoyed when viewing the handy progress checker that displays how long until you are debt-free! 

Money Matters!

Whichever way you decide to go cashless, choose apps and systems that you are comfortable using and ensure you are password protected. Don’t opt for the autofill or give your password details out over the internet in any circumstances. By following these simple rules, you are sure to be in the know about your cash flow. 


Whether you are using cashless payments to speed up chores, keep your money secure, or to organize your finances, it is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to have more control over their money. 

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