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Author's profile photo Aman Goel

Profit center / cost center hierarchy in standard SAP table

General background –

As we know, profit center / cost center hierarchy are maintained in sets in SAP. In order to view the profit / cost centers within a hierarchy, we need to go to the setleaf / setheader tables. However there is no complete view of a hierarchy in one standard table. This problem is now solved in HANA where you can activate the standard hierarchy and load into a table. This blog will explain how that can be done.

Activate and load hierarchy –

Lets take cost center hierarchy as an example.

The hierarchy will be activated and loaded in table SETHANAHIER0101 (for cost center hierarchy). Initially this table will be blank

In order to populate the hierarchy in the table, below mentioned steps shall be followed.

  • Go to transaction code HDBC
  • Click on Hierarchies

  • Select cost center groups and click on the + button on the right hand side

  • All the controlling areas will be displayed. Select the controlling area used by your company and click on edit

  • Then click on new entries in below screen

  • Mention the cost center hierarchy name as highlighted below and select ‘Load and Activate’ from drop down list. Then save it

  • Go out and select ‘Background’ when below pop up appears

  • Check in SM37 the job completion status. Normally it takes only a few seconds.
  • Once successfully completed, the hierarchy will be populated in the table SETHANAHIER0101.

  • Similarly for other objects below are the tables

  • Same procedure as mentioned above can be followed for profit center groups, cost element groups, order groups, accounts groups.
  • The HANA table has following important fields
Column # Column name Purpose
1 Set class PC group, CC group, account group etc.
2 Org. unit Controlling area
3 Set name Hierarchy name
4 Node Total number of nodes. It starts from -1 till the last number of node is reached
5 Node Preceding node number under which a particular node is there in hierarchy
6 Level Level in the hierarchy

Hope this blog is useful. Questions / comments are welcome!


Kind Regards

Aman Goel

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      Author's profile photo Paul Spanbauer
      Paul Spanbauer

      Do these jobs need to be re-ran when there is a change to the respective underlying hierarchy?

      Author's profile photo Aman Goel
      Aman Goel
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Paul, Yes. But that can be automated using transaction code SETHANA_ACTIVATOR.

      -Choose the "Check if up to date" function and set the "Repair" indicator

      -Choose "Load and Activate" as a repair transaction

      You can save this as a variant and schedule a job to run may be daily or at a frequency you decide. You can refer to SAP note 1658252 for more details.

      Author's profile photo Lakshmi Kumari Sama
      Lakshmi Kumari Sama

      Hi Aman,


      Thanks for sharing such a nice blog.

      Actually I am facing 1 issue is my CC Standard hierarchy itself is not showing in HDBC T code so please help me once how to get it done.

      Your expertise would helps me to fix my issue soon.


      Thanks in Advance!


      Best Regards,

      Lakshmi S


      Author's profile photo Lakshmi Kumari Sama
      Lakshmi Kumari Sama

      Hi All,

      Kindly let us know do we have any table to extract the description of the cost center or profit center nodes in HANA.

      As I aware SETHEADERT table which uses to pull the description but this table belongs to ECC so do we have any similar HANA table to pull descriptions here.

      Why because we have encountered some data synchronization issue while interfacing this data to 3rd party system by using old ECC tables hence looking for HANA table here.

      Please let us know if you require any further inputs on the same.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Lakshmi S

      Author's profile photo Lakshmi Kumari Sama
      Lakshmi Kumari Sama

      Hi All,

      We couldn't get new table in HANA for descriptions. Hence we recently fixed this issue with new HANA tables - SETHANAHIER0101 for cost center and SETHANAHIER0106 table for profit center to pull standard hierarchy related data. These tables are similar to ECC Table SETNODE. And for description we used SETHEADERT table only.

      Kindly share if we have any table in HANA to pull standard hierarchy related table.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Lakshmi S