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little algorithm riddle

Dear community, a little bit of fun today. I recently saw an algorithm that really surprised me by his effectivity. Mankind has known this algorithm for some time. I tried an implementation in ABAP out of interest. I hope the implementation works 😉 What is the name?

I put the answer in mirror writing under the source code. Hold a mirror to your screen. Instead of a mirror a smartphone screen is sufficient to “decode”, too 🙂

If someone also has a little algorithm riddle, feel free to write a blog. If the implementation doesn’t work properly, no problem. I guess there are some members here who can fix this 😉

CLASS-METHODS do_something
     x             TYPE i
     y             TYPE i
     VALUE(result) TYPE i.
METHOD do_something.
  IF x = 1.
    result = y.
    IF x MOD 2 > 0.
      result = y + do_something( x = x DIV 2
                                 y = y + y ).
      result = do_something( x = x DIV 2
                             y = y + y ).

Here ist the answer:

ƨɒ nwonʞ oƨlɒ ,”noiɈɒɔilqiɈlυm Ɉnɒƨɒɘq nɒiƨƨυЯ” ɘʜɈ ʇo noiɈɒɈnɘmɘlqmi nɒ ƨi ɈI
.”noiɈɒɔilqiɈlυm nɒiqoiʜɈƎ” ɿo “noiɈɒɔilqiɈlυm nɒiɈqγϱƎ ɈnɘiɔnA”


Best regards and thanks for reading






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