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Blog it Forward – Elena Lucarelli

Thanks Nabheet Madan for nominating me! I am fairly new to the community and I am loving reading all the blogs. This is a great initiative!


I am a Roman living in Germany. I moved to here to do my master degree and I haven’t left since. It has been a little over 10 years.

Professionally I am a born and raised at SAP. My career started in 2011 as a working student. When the openSAP team was created in 2013 I was hired permanently. I do mostly project management, but I am also part of the operations and infrastructure team.

Fun Fact

I hate cheese. After years and years of training I managed to get accustomed to mozzarella, but I can only eat it on pizza, preferably if it is warm… My family tried for years to put cheese in food thinking that I wouldn’t notice… but I always did… Worse attempt was made by my cousins: When we were little, they put Parmesan in vanilla ice-cream. Yuck!

What do you do apart from SAP in your free time

Outside SAP, you’d be likely to see me with sneakers, big earphones and my camera. I love to explore places and take pictures. It gives me peace of mind. I am fascinated by lights, reflections and colors. I hate editing the pictures, so I try to do it as little as possible.



When I am not taking pictures, I’d be most probably on the yoga mat or at the gym dancing the day away.

How do you balance your life between work and family/personal time?

What works for me is to carve out one hour a day in which I do something just for myself, and away from the screen. Also, I have a strict never- work-on-vacation policy, which really helps me recharge.

What would you choose if given a choice between coffee or tea and why

Italian coffee and Indian chai masala?? These are absolutely my favorites! Please don’t make me choose!!

I would like to nominate

Pierre COL

Meredith Hassett

Michal Krawczyk

My questions are: 

  1. What is your favorite holiday destination and why?
  2. How do you balance your life between work and family/personal time?
  3. If you were given by your work a full day every week to do whatever you feel like, what would it be?
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  • Hi Elena, and welcome to the #blogitforward family!

    I am either sad for you or jealous that you don't like cheese - because I am a cheese lover, and should probably try to cut down on it!   But even I could not stomach Parmesan cheese on vanilla ice cream (or any flavor ice cream, for that matter).

    I also wish I had your strict never-work-on-vacation policy!  I think the last time that I didn't work on vacation was a year ago, but that was only because I was out of the US and could not bring my laptop with me.   Even then, my work had alternate ways of contacting me 🙁

    And because you shared some wonderful photos, I'll share one with you...

    This is my girl Sunny - who is gloriously happy that she found some mud to play in.



    • Hi Sue,

      Sunny looks naughty and is very sweet! Thanks for sharing the picture!

      You might want to consider wandering in some national park for your next vacation, you know, where there is no internet or phone connection... 😉

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Elena,

        Sunny is mostly sweet - you can't count the mud-loving as naughty because it's just what Labs do, and I can't fault her for what is in her nature.

        I will put 'national parks with no phone or internet connection' on my vacation calendar.   Thanks for the tip! 😉



  • Hi Elena,

    Thank you for nominating me, despite the fact that I live in a country that produces 300+ different kind of cheese ?

    I do like very much your photos, and I share this one I took recently 100 meters from where I live in Lyon. The mansion you see is where Auguste and Louis Lumière invented the cinema in 1895 :