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5 Ways to Streamline Your Office Space

Your office space is at the core of your business, and your surroundings influence your productivity. Office needs vary depending on the industries and lines of business. An inspiring business space, whether you are a freelancer or operating a fully functional business.

Once you are able to organize your office space, and confined to less clutter and orderly fashioned space, you will notice the difference in your motivation to work. An unproductive space can lead to a loss in revenue and valuable time that could be invested in growing your business. Your office space is an asset and should be treated as such.

Here are tips to turn your office space into a hub of creativity and productivity.

  1. Know where to find things 

The first rule of keeping a space clean and tidy is to create a space for where everything belongs. You need to remove any clutter you do not need or use for work. You can use a cupboard to store these items and other things you occasionally use. When it comes to your trash, the same needs to be done.

People tend to let papers pile on their desk and are faced with occasionally having to sort through useless papers. Paper waste should have its own bin under your desk to make it easier for recycling. Invest in a good labeler to label physical files, filing cabinets, drawers, etc. and this will allow anyone to find what they need easily.

  1. Move operations to the cloud

Eliminating the use of paper is becoming a common requirement in business and working in the cloud makes it easier to manage your work no matter where you are.

If your company still uses services such as faxing, you can use a cloud-based app to send and receive faxes. There are also good cloud-based filing systems for small to medium-sized businesses.

You can also begin subscribing to more digital content as opposed to magazines and newspapers and choose emails as your primary mode of contact. Moving to the cloud will maximize on space that could have been taken up by printers and other machinery.

  1. Create an inspiring physical space

You should add elements to your space that are simply inspiring. For example, you can add a painting to look at or stick some inspirational quotes on your wall.

As you organize your space, you can also find office equipment in your favorite colors, cool shapes and perhaps add a pot plant for something nice to smell. You can even get scented candles, even if you never light them – their fragrance lingers and you can get a whiff during stressful moments.

  1. A cozy but formal space 

Of course, your office space needs to maintain a sense of formality but you also want to create a space that is comfortable. You can combine the two elements to create something with a sense of personality that can encourage more productivity.

Employees respond well to soft elements of comfort. This can include a cozy space with comfortable bean bags at the center of an open-plan space. Combining the cozy and the formal creates little pockets of comfort.

  1. Hire help when you need it

The moment your office grows beyond five employees, it is time to consider hiring a sixth employee in the form of a cleaner. The cleaner does not have to work full days but assist in keeping the space clean and tidy.

To save on salary costs, a cleaner can also be the receptionist and conduct basic office duties. This allows your office space to remain clean without your staff losing office time sweeping and vacuuming their space.

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