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Author's profile photo Sedat Göç

Multiple Payload Downloader for SAP PO/PI

Hello All,

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Sometimes we need to look at more than one message log. As this number increases, the workload starts to increase. Therefore I created this tool and with this tool, you can download different versions of the messages between the two dates as you wish. After that, you can quickly find what you are looking for in the downloaded messages with any third-party software.

This tool works only for 7.4 and 7.5 versions. (for now)



Host field should be: http(s)://<host>:<port>

If you have the right permissions, you can log in to the tool.


Usage and Features

You need fill all blank fields.

If your integration has not a party, you must fill Receiver/Sender Party field with ” * “.

*This tool limited with 500 messages.


You just can download the “Log version” of the message.

Supported Log Versions;

  • MS
  • AM
  • BI
  • Receiver JSON Response
  • Sender JSON Request
  • Polling JSON Request



You can see logs when downloading files. The name of the downloaded file comes from the message-id of the message.



Example 1

MS step from Message Monitor;

MS step from downloaded file;

Example 2

AM step from Message Monitor;

AM step from downloaded file;


This tool can help you download multiple messages. I wanted to be user friendly when developing this tool. In the coming days, I’m thinking of making improvements and updating for this tool to work on versions 7.31 and below.



You can find the JAR file on GitHub


Thank you for reading!



Sedat Goc

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      Author's profile photo Hasan Basri CELEBI
      Hasan Basri CELEBI

      Hi Sedat;

      Perfect. Thank you for sharing.


      Author's profile photo Sedat Göç
      Sedat Göç
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Hasan,

      Thank you for your comment.



      Author's profile photo Hasan Fatih Eksioglu
      Hasan Fatih Eksioglu

      Great post. I don't doubt that most companies will make messages payload search easier.

      Thanks Sedat.

      Author's profile photo Eurico Borges
      Eurico Borges

      Hello Ramazan

      Very good idea.

      Are you able to share on Github the Java source code ?

      I migth expand it to add filters like failed messages transmissions.




      Author's profile photo Peter Wallner
      Peter Wallner

      just use

      best regards, Peter

      Author's profile photo Youssef El Ouatiq
      Youssef El Ouatiq

      Hi Sedat,

      a very useful tool, I will definitely use in the future.

      keep it up and thank you very much.

      Youssef El.

      Author's profile photo Marco Bortolon
      Marco Bortolon


      Author's profile photo Louie Reyes
      Louie Reyes


      Thanks for sharing your tool. What roles are needed for me to be able to download payloads? I was able to log in through the tool but I'm stuck when downloading - it just says "Downloading" and the first file is 0 bytes. My filters are correct so I'm assuming it has something to do with role/authorization.



      Author's profile photo Sedat Göç
      Sedat Göç
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Louie,

      Can you check exists a “Log Version” of the message you want to download?


      I checked my code after your comment and i updated JAR file. You can download new version from GitHub. Thanks for feedback.



      Author's profile photo Ahamad shaik
      Ahamad shaik

      Hi Ramazan,


      I am using payload down loader it was fine and good but now while try to open am facing below error.


      How can we need to resolve this .

      A Java Exception has Occurred. 

      Author's profile photo François BECKER
      François BECKER

      Hi thanks for this usefull tool 🙂

      Is it possible to change the file number limit, as I have more to download?

      Author's profile photo Sedat Göç
      Sedat Göç
      Blog Post Author


      Thanks for your comment. I am using a standard PI web service and this service has a limit for messages. Web service's limit is 1000 but I limited 500 because sometimes the download process takes a long time. I can add a field for message limit one day:)



      Author's profile photo Maria Victoria Orellana-Duarte
      Maria Victoria Orellana-Duarte

      Hi All,

      Please you could explain how to install the .jar and exactly where this should be installed.

      Thanks in advance.

      Best Regards.

      Maria Orellana

      Author's profile photo Maria Victoria Orellana-Duarte
      Maria Victoria Orellana-Duarte

      Please also how to run? is it possible to run from NWDS?

      Author's profile photo Hemendra Parmar
      Hemendra Parmar

      Awesome tool! It really helpful. just one comment. tool is not able to download JSON files. I am selecting Receiver JSON Response but still it download only XML files.

      Author's profile photo Sedat Göç
      Sedat Göç
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Hemendra,

      Thanks for your valuable comment 🙂

      Did you see the JSON response log in message monitor as JSON format? If yes, I can check this feature.


      Author's profile photo Peter Wallner
      Peter Wallner


      is the jar file from GitHub executable? I tried double clicking it and I have Java 10 installed. But it is not opening.

      Best regards, Peter

      Author's profile photo Sedat Göç
      Sedat Göç
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Peter,

      Yes, the Jar file is executable. Can you try with Java 8?

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Peter Wallner
      Peter Wallner

      Hello Sedat, I have java version “1.8.0_144” as my default now, that should work, right?


      java version

      But when I double click the jar, nothing happens

      Best regards, Peter

      Author's profile photo Sedat Göç
      Sedat Göç
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Peter,

      Sorry for the delay. Can you try to run with windows command?

      1 - Open Command Prompt

      2 -  java -jar PayloadDownloader.jar


      Best Regards, Sedat

      Author's profile photo Peter Wallner
      Peter Wallner

      Hello Sedat,

      it is working, thank you for making this tool accessible for everyone.

      Best regards, Peter

      Author's profile photo Bruce Theune
      Bruce Theune

      Hi, When I try to install, it says invalid or corrupt jar file, any suggestions?

      Author's profile photo Sachin M Sable
      Sachin M Sable

      Hi, I would like to use this tool for interfaces configured on ABAP Stack of PI System to download payloads. Please let me know how we can use it?



      Author's profile photo Ralf Zimmerningkat
      Ralf Zimmerningkat


      We use OpenJDK  version “1.8.0_262”

      Java -jar  PayloadDownloader.jar  gives the folloing exception

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/application/Application

      Fehler: Hauptklasse com.medepia.Login konnte nicht gefunden oder geladen werden


      How to fix this ?



      Author's profile photo Gianluca Liburdi
      Gianluca Liburdi

      Hi Ramazan,

      Really a great work.

      Thax a lot.

      Author's profile photo Helmut Skolaut
      Helmut Skolaut

      Great idea. I tried this tool out - but it looks like i am getting a lot of different payloads that does not match the selection criteria - is this behavior already known?

      I am on PI 7.5

      Kind regards

      Author's profile photo syeda sidra hasan
      syeda sidra hasan



      This is exactly what I need right now.

      when I run the jar file, I am able to connect to system, but when I try to download the payload, nothing happens. No log is captured nor the file is generated. I have made sure the message is logged in sap po (log version is there, sap po 7.5).


      can anyone advise on the roles required or any other clue.