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SAP ALM Dashboards Documentation: Introduction

SAP ALM Dashboards Documentation


If you are new to Focused Insights and SAP ALM Dashboards start here!


This blog guides you through creating simple dashboards for SAP ALM from live examples and demonstrations accessible here

Users credentials are described here:


Concepts Cookbooks Documentation blogs
Understand Focused Insights concepts and design principles. List of ‘How-to‘ guides and videos to learn building your ALM dashboards. Get access to the official Focused Solutions documentation. Expert knowledge from Focused Insights product management.

Dashboards Models & Catalogs

Data providers

Charts & Renderers

API & external interfaces







Focused Insights Cookbooks / Trouble-shooting







Focused Solutions
Focused Insights Documentation

SAP API HUB documentation (under preparation)

EGI for Focused Insights (under construction)

SAP Learning HUB (under preparation)



Strategic Dashboard

Service Level Reporting













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  • Hi Xavier,

    thanks for your blogs.

    I'm looking for some more information about the following.

    When having a configured Dashboard... it also provides a button "Documentation". It doesn't open anything. How can this be maintained?

    This functionality would be great to add comments/remarks concerning the KPI's on a Dashboard so a reader knows the semantics behind the numbers.


    Many thanks in advance,