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SAP Convergent Charging Best Practise -2


Confusion regarding the instance numbers mentioned in SWPM tool and instance numbers displayed at OS level. During the SAP Convergent Installation using SWPM tool, when you see the screen as shown below, some confusion arises regarding instance number . Please note that this is not an Instance number (highlighted in Red color). This is bug.

(This is something that I cannot explain here.).

The value should be always 1 (by default) (as shown in the above highlighted in Yellow color).

DO not change the default value.

Value 1 means the components such as Dispatcher, Guider, Rater, Updater and Bulk Loader belongs to SAP Convergent Charging solution .


Hence the value is 1 irrespective whether the components of SAP CC is single host  or distributed hosts.

How to determine the instance number for each component (depends on single host or

distributed hosts),

At OS level:

Login to various SAP CC hosts (distributed hosts) or single SAP CC host (Single host) using putty

cd /usr/sap/<SID>

Example for Distributed host

As shown above, instances name CCR00 and CCB01  for  Rater and Bulk Loader respectively  reside on a separate host.

Therefore Instance number for Rater is 00 and for Bulk Loader is 01 .

The other instance name for Dispatcher, Guider and Updater resides in separate hosts will have different instance number.

CCD, CCU,CCR,CCB and CCG – are instance name

CCDxx, CCUxx, CCBxx and CCGxx where xx is the instance number CC means = Convergent Charging

D= Dispatcher U=Updater R=Rater G=Guider B= Bulk Loader

Example for Single Host installation 

As shown in the above figure, all the components of Convergent Charging reside on single host.

Hence five instances installed with increasing instance numbers (00, 01, 02, 03 and 04).

(This is not recommended for Production system otherwise performance  will be extremely slow )

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