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SAP Convergent Charging Best Practice – 3



After the installation completed, need to launch core tool.

Launching the core tool can be done using VNC viewer or X-manager related tools  at root or <sid>adm

In order to launch the core tool at root or  <sid>adm account, please make sure set the environment variable “SAPCC_JAVA_HOME” and value must be set in  root or <sid>adm.

You might encounter issues when launching the core tool as described below


During   executing “” at root as shown below or

or  launching core_tool n VNC viewer or X-manager related tools in linux System, the message displayed as shown in the figure below

the error message appeared  that “The Java specification version of the JVM used is not 1.8.

Make sure the SAPCC_JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the path of your SAP JVM 8 directory”


Although environment variable “SAPCC_JAVA_HOME” was already maintained  at root or <sid>adm as shown in the above figure, this could be due to either files empty or some  permission issue.


Investigate: Screenshot below for your self explanation

Run java version

$SAPCC_JAVA_HOME/bin/java -version as shown below

As shown above , unable to execute java in order to determine java version because execution permission for all files under bin folder  is missing


Add execution permission by using command “chmod +x *” in bin folder of $SAPCC_JAVA_HOME

As shown in the above , execution permission (“x”) was added for owner, group and others column.

Then run java command , to determine jre version , as shown below

$SAPCC_JAVA_HOME/bin/java -version

able to execute java version as shown above.


Run  admin+ command as shown below



Launch  Core tool as shown below

Core_tool screen appears as shown above.


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