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SAP Convergent Charging – 1

Issue 1
Instance for CCL01 (Convergent Charging Bulk Loader) down abruptly or fails to start as 

shown the screenshot below


As per the error log, as shown below

The reason was due to that logon user (as shown below) was either set to “dialog” or 

“Communication” user-type in the back-end ABAP system. 

Dialog / Communication user will have initial password .

If the said user is not logged using sapgui (this is done when login using sapgui,

enter logon userid and initial password, next pop up screen appears asking you to 

type the permanent password and confirm password) within 7 days , then initial password 

will be expired after 7 days as per the password policy.


Set the user type for logon user to “SYSTEM”.

Never set the user type for the RFC user to either dialog or Communication.


Logon password for Logon user should never expire for life time as this is used for 

RFC between SAP Convergent charging system to  back-end  ABAP system. 

Password policy is not applicable to user-type “SYSTEM” and “SERVICE” users.

Password policy is applicable to dialog and Communication user type . 

Hence permanent password expires every thirty days or higher or initial password expires after 7 

days depending on the password policy.

After the issues is fixed then start Bulk Loader instance as shown below

As shown above Instance number for Bulk loader is 01 (Instance name is CCB)



To Verify whether Bulk Loader instance is up or not run the sapcontrol command as shown below


The status showed GREEN as shown above. Check all the status of the instances of SAP Convergent Charging



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