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Creating Custom Data Collection Object in Onboarding 2.0

With the Introduction of Onboarding 2.0 we can use the MDF object to collect the additional information from the candidate during the Onboarding Process.  A user or company can configure multiple MDF Objects based on the company requirement.

Here is my example I have taken one Custom MDF Object with one field


> Onboarding 2.0 should be enabled

> Basic configuration and Permission should be in place before configuring the Custom Data collection Object.

> Onboarding Process should be defined and it should have custom data collection step.


First, the step is to create a Custom MDF Object.

I am creating a PF detail custom object with the UAN number field.

Go to Admin Center> In the search tool search for > Configure Object Definition> Create New> From the drop-down select Object Defnition.

Please make sure you have maintained the same value as shown in the screenshot below ( Code and the Label can be given anything based on the requirement).

In the Field Section, I have added only one custom field cust_UAN which is type String.

Please note: externalCode should always be “Auto Number”

Once the Custom field is added to the Object next step is to create a ConfigUI for that we need to add one more field in the Custom Object. The field name should be userConfig, this field should be configured exactly shown in the below screenshot.

Once the custom field and UserConfig field is configured save the custom object.

The Second Step is Associating the Custom Objects to the UserConfig Object

a) Go to Admin Center> Configure Object Definitions.

b) Select the Object Definition from the first dropdown option. In the second dropdown option select ONB2DataCollectionUserConfig (Onboarding data collection user configuration)

c) Take Action>Make Correction

d) Scroll down to the below till Associations and enter any custom name and select the custom MDF object that is created in the First Step in the Destination Object, Type should be Join By Column

( Please refer the below screenshot)

e) Click on details : In the Destination Object Column enter cust_userConfig

f)  Enter internalid in the Source ObjectColumn field

Once done save the ONB2DataCollectionUserConfig object.

The Third Step is Configuring the UI for Custom Objects.

Once the above 2 steps are completed then the Third step is to associate the UI for Custom Objects

a) Admin Center> Configure Object Definition

b) Select the Object Definition from the First dropdown menu and in the second dropdown menu select ONB2DataCollectionConfig (Onboarding data collection configuration)

c)Take Action>Make Correction

d) Scroll down to the below till Associations and associate the UI Config as below. ( Name can be anything. Select Destination Object as “ConfigUIMetadata”)

e) Once it is done click on save.

Now, begin with the Configuring the UI for Custom Objects.

a) Go to Admin Center> In search tool Search for >Manage Configuration UI

b) Click on Create New

C) Enter the Name and Select your MDF Custom Object that you have created in this case I am selecting my custom MDF object which is created in Step 1.  Delete the system field and keep only your custom filed which is created in step1.

f) Once it is done click on save.

Once all custom objects are created, you must add them to a meta-object that is referenced during the dataCollection page load for rendering.

a) Go to Admin Center> Manage Data

b) in the first dropdown select Onboarding data collection configuration, in the second dropdown select DEFAULT_DATA_COLLECTION_CONFIG…

c)Take Action>Make Correction

d) Associate the UI for Custom Objects which is created in 3rd step

e) Click on save.

Once the above step is done please verify the rules once for custom data collection

a) Admin Center> Configure Business Rule

b) Select SAP_ONB2_DataCollectionConfigSelect and verify the rule.

Once all the configuration is done candidate will complete the Additional Paperwork or custom data collection step and will see the below screen

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  • Thanks for sharing, Kiran!

    Is it possible to add MDF objects as well in the offboarding process? For example, if I wanna create a MDF with a survey about the employee’s experience, is it possible to integrate this MDF in the offboarding process?

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I have added the custom mdf and its showing in the Onboarding but there is some error which not make me complete the step.

    Please see the below Screen shot.



  • Hi Former Member

    From what I've read, am I correct in thinking that data we capture during this step CANNOT be mapped to fields in the EC Hire? The example I am thinking of is to somehow capture the new hire's bank details and map to the payment information fields, as this seems to be a current limitation of the process.




  • Hi Kiran,


    Thanks for your blog. I have followed your steps to check my configuration and seems all is good. But I met the same issue that new hire is not able to complete this step.

    In our case, new hire needs to upload his/her picture. After uploading, it keeps showing the following messages without finish. Do you know what is wrong?


    Best regards

    • Hi,

      Sorry for the delayed response,

      Previously there was some issue with the attachment filed, now it's resolved please check again.


      Kiran SV

  • Hello Kiran,


    Do you find any solutions to map MDF like Custom Data Collection Object from ONB to EC ? I'm also trying to find the way of this.

    Please kindly advise


    Best regards,


  • Hi All,

    I'm also facing same issue, anand Kumar Shaw mentioned, unfortunately there is no error related info on the screen,

    Any inputs or suggestions from experts?

    Thank you

  • Good morning,

    Is there any solutions to map MDF like Custom Data Collection Object from ONB to EC ?  What is the correct way to see this information after the onboarding process?

    Thank you

    Please kindly advise

    • Hi,

      Currently, it's not possible to map the data from custom MDF Object from ONB to EC.

      We can try import and export option but I am not sure on this, will check and let you know.


      Kiran SV

  • Hi Former Member
    we have several custom portlet on the Employee central, is it possible enter some of these custom portlet  as Additional data? if is yes, when we want to add one portlet custom with "header" and "details" how can we do it?
    thank you
  • Hi,

    Does someone knows where does the Custom Data Collection info goes? Where will the HR Admins or Managers could see the info uploaded by the onboardees?


  • Hello,

    I have followed the steps illustrated by you above but as soon as I click on the “Complete additional data collection” task I get an internal server error. Can you please help me with this.

  • Hi Kiran Kumar SV,

    We try to configure the parent-child MDF in the page of "provide additional personal info"(Data collection info), in order to multiple records of the same type can be entered.  We seem to have achieved it at the UI level, but the system will report errors if we want save it. Does SAP currently consider such a design?

  • Hi all,

    Just a little update, in the second step make sure to add internalID (with a capital i)!


    f) Enter internalid in the Source ObjectColumn field


    Then it will work 🙂