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Four at once: SAP AppHaus Wins 2020 German Innovation Awards

The submissions are in. The jury has spoken. Among 700 submissions overall, SAP wins four German Innovation Awards. Beyond all obstacles we face in times of the COVID-19 crisis, the SAP AppHaus, as part of the Customer Innovation organization under SAP Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member at SAP SE, Jürgen Müller, has been honored with the 2020 German Innovation Gold Award and the 2020 German Innovation Winner Award for its Innovation Culture Toolkit and Healthcare project OP 4.1.

<< Congratulations to the team: The awards underscore the strength of SAP’s holistic approach with a clear technology strategy tailored to the needs of today’s intelligent enterprises. SAP’s Business Technology Platform, complemented with our innovation approach that combines design thinking and enterprise architecture, is the foundation for successful innovation and transformation.>>
Anja Schneider, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Customer Innovation, Technology & Innovation at SAP 

The Innovation Culture Toolkit, applied in hundreds of customer engagements, comprises the methodological resources created and applied by the SAP AppHaus to collaboratively drive innovation. The OP 4.1 project developed a prototype of an intelligent platform for the operating room of the future.
Adding to the icing on the cake; The SAP AppHaus Network partner Bourne Digital received an Honorable Mention in the 2020 SAP Innovation Award with customer Taronga Conservation Society Australia, for an intuitive app based on the SAP Cloud Platform, that supports zookeepers in the field.

The SAP AppHaus in a nutshell

By applying human-centered and iterative methodologies, the SAP AppHaus brings the principle of innovation with customers to the next level. Using the right human-centered methods and powerful technologies such as SAP’s Business Technology Platform, can help to

  • pinpoint high-value areas for business process transformation,
  • identify new business opportunities that are aligned with your strategic direction and
  • combine experience and operational data

in order to effectively drive sustainable business innovation.

Culture matters: The Innovation Culture Toolkit

The toolkit received the German Innovation Gold award in the category of “Excellence in B2B Office Solutions” and a German Innovation Winner award in the category “Design Thinking”.

<< The Innovation Culture Toolkit is a one-of-a kind collection
of proven methods and tools for companies who want to establish a culture of innovation.>>
Lutz Dietzold, Managing Director, German Design Council


It’s a mantra: Companies need to innovate and transform to sustain their business and become an Intelligent Enterprise. Besides technology, culture proved to be the biggest hurdle for digital transformation and innovation. The SAP AppHaus addresses this challenge by transforming organizations along the framework of five key innovation enablers:

  • People,
  • Process,
  • Place,
  • Leadership, and
  • Technology

Here the Innovation Culture Toolkit comes into play: It offers a variety of unique methods and resources for each innovation enabler, empowering organizations to apply this framework and jump-start their innovation journey on their own. For the key enabler “Process”, as an example, the provided toolkit resources aim to guide organizations through each phase of SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation.

An example is SCENES, a storyboarding and prototyping tool meant to create fun illustrative stories that show the value of early ideas and product visions.

Even in times of COVID-19 the potential of the toolkit, as methodological basis of every customer engagement of the SAP AppHaus can be fully exploited. It is now available as virtual toolkit, as our mission is to continue driving sustainable innovation by virtualizing the SAP AppHaus offerings. More details of the virtual Innovation Culture Toolkit will be announced shortly.

OP 4.1: an Intelligent Platform for the Operating Room of the Future

The OP 4.1 project won the prestigious German Innovation Gold award in the category of “Design Thinking” and the German Innovation Winner award in the “B2B Medical Technologies” category.

<< SAP`s OP4.1 prototype shows how a platform can be developed consistently on the basis of design thinking, to combine user requirements, technical feasibility and business benefits.>> Lutz Dietzold, Managing Director, German Design Council

While feeling the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, modernizing and digitizing in the healthcare industry is more crucial than ever. However, in the health sector, the use of networked machines and data is still in its early stages. The OP 4.1 project wanted to set the ball rolling by developing a prototype of a user-centric, open and extensible platform for the operating room of the future – in a consortium built by a university hospital, together with research and industry partners.

The project is part of the technology program “Smart Service World II” funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

The project’s vision was ambitious: Its goal consisted in simplifying and significantly accelerating the transfer of research results into the clinical practice for the greater benefit of patients.

While applying SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation it quickly became clear that stepping towards realizing the vision means leveraging various strengths of SAP’s Business Technology Platform, and accelerating the transformation of data into value. The project’s core technology is SAP’s Cloud Platform turning into serving as the foundation for the “OP 4.1 platform” prototype, delivering a technical and commercial basis for the development, distribution, and simple implementation of innovative apps in the operating room environment. Four innovative partner apps have already been already showcased on the platform.

SAP’s OP 4.1 project manager Michaela Epp states: “We are proud that SAP won the Gold Award and that the jury acknowledged, that we developed the business and technology platform consistently on the basis of design thinking, in which user requirements, technical feasibility and business benefits have been perfectly combined.” 

“Stax” allows zookeepers to spend more time with animals

Taronga Conservation Society Australia has been rewarded with an  Honorable Mention for the 2020 SAP Innovation Awards. Congratulations to our Melbourne-based SAP AppHaus Network partner Bourne Digital!

Bourne Digital leveraged Design Thinking to enhance Taronga’s staff and animal experiences in zoos. While moving to the cloud to streamline key functions including finance, procurement, payroll and human resources, a staff experience application (“Stax”) was built on the SAP Cloud Platform. Deep end user research led to great results: The mobile and desktop application “Stax” keeps the staff informed on key zoo updates, uses a map technology and simplifies access to core administrative tasks. The benefits lie in an enhanced employee productivity, that ultimately leverages customer experience. Click here to read the full customer success story.

Innovating holistically with a joint approach

The SAP AppHaus Network has a vision that by 2025 all customers run an innovation approach that focuses on the people first. Therefore, we aim to scale our innovation culture and create an ecosystem of change makers beyond SAP borders.

How do we do that? Applying SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation in customer projects supports the entire innovation lifecycle from the generation of new ideas to the development and delivery of high-value applications. Once the idea is created, solution delivery and scaling are enabled by utilizing the capabilities of SAP’s Business Technology Platform. The Business Technology Platform is a portfolio of integrated solutions that helps companies to connect processes and experiences, act with integrity and confidence as well as drive essential innovation through intelligence embedded in every interaction. It brings together database and data management, analytics, application development and integration, as well as intelligent technologies.

What’s more, the SAP AppHaus Network is ready to support your innovation projects even during this COVID-19 (pandemic), with existing and planned virtual offerings. If you feel the need to act immediately, you can

Do not hesitate to contact us for support. 

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