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How to analyze your team with SAP Sports One and SAP Analytics Cloud in 10 mins



What is SAP Sports One?

Sports-specific solution running on SAP Cloud Platform helps clubs and organizations digitalize sports performance management by coordinating all administrative, training and team management, scouting, and medical processes.


What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

One simple cloud solution connecting your people, information, and ideas to enable fast and confident decision making.

The club staff can save a lot of time from their daily work and decision-making process with the help of SAP Sports One and SAP Analytics Cloud.


In the following section, I will walk through a very basic scenario of analyzing your team. For those who don’t have a technical background please don’t worry as there is no coding involved in this use case.



As a team manager of the soccer team, I want to know who are the 5 oldest players in my team.




1. Request trial account.

Please go to below links to request trial:


2. Login to SAP Sports One and get to know the system.

You will get a set of role-based users who have predefined permissions. You can try to login with these users and see what you can do in system.


Let’s use Team Manager in our case, this is the home page when you login to the system.


Assume you are the team manager of 1899 HOFFENHEIM and you want to know your player’s age.

Let’s go to “Players”.


In this page I can see all my players by position.


You can click on one of the players to see his details like personal info and physical info.

From this page I should know the age of this player.


You are also allowed to export player’s data into excel.

Go to “General Information” of your team, click the “Download” button on the upper right corner.


Select attributes you want to export.


Now You have all data in one excel file and you should able to find top 5 oldest player.


Let’s continue with SAP Analytics Cloud and to see a more effective way to achieve our goal.


3. Create Connection, Model and Story.

Before we do so, you should be aware of below terminologies:

Connection: You can connect SAP Analytics Cloud and your datasource systems.

Model: A model is a representation of the business data of an organization or business segment.

Story: A story is a presentation-style document that uses charts, visualizations, text, images, and pictograms to describe data.

Basically, we will create one Story based on one Model connected to our datasource system.

Let’s get started:

Login to system, click “Connection” on the left-hand side


Click “+” to create a new Connection, let’s choose SAP HANA as live connection.


Enter account and system details, here User Name is your Sports One user name.


Connection created for consuming data from Sports One system.


Now let’s try to create one Model.

Click “Create” and choose “Model”, since we already connected to datasource system so we choose “Get data from datasource”.


Click “Live Data connection” and select “SAP HANA” as system type, choose connection we just created.


Click selection option on “Data Source”, depends on your user, you should be able to retrieve a list of predefined calculation views. Of course, if you have a technical background you can also create your own calculation view to fulfill customer needs.


Let’s choose CORE_CURRENT_OWN_PLAYERS_CV in our case.


You have created your Model successfully.

Click your Model you should see Player current age and Contract Days in “Measures.


It’ time to create Story. Click “Create” – “Story”.


There are several ways to start your story, we choose Canvas page.


Click “Add data” into our Story.


You have four possible options:

1.From File

2.From Datasource

3.From Model

4.From Dataset

We already have our Model created so let’s choose from the existing model.


Select Model we just created and insert one Chart in designer.


On the right-hand side, choose “Player’s current age” in Measures, choose “Player” in Dimensions.


Once you have selected, your chart will refresh and looks like below.

From this chart I can easily know the age of each player.


Let’s do a little more.

Click on the chart and click “Options” on the right upper corner.


Click “Sort” – “Player’s current age” and choose “Highest to Lowest”.


Your chart will refresh again and now you should know who are the 5 oldest players in your team.



Thanks to SAP Sports One and SAP Analytics Cloud, using existing models, it used to take hours to analyze your team or player, now you only need a few minutes.


Cheers and have fun!

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      Author's profile photo Daniel Chen
      Daniel Chen

      great post


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      Gyozo Nováki

      Can you help for me which database name have to use in this case ? Thank you!

      Author's profile photo He Huang
      He Huang
      Blog Post Author


      The trial system should have same database name "sapsportsone" .