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Author's profile photo Petra Hunger

How to add custom fields to the Transportation Cockpit

in Transportation Management, we use the Transportation Cockpit. in many implementation, it is required to add addtional custom fields to the Transport Cockpit. the below pcitures Show the steps that are required to add 2 custom fields to the freight unit stages view of the Cockpit:

PICTURE 1 summarizes the 6 steps that are necessary to add custom fields to the cockpit:

  1. Identify the Ui structure (place where the fields have to be added via append)
  2. Enhance the UI (how to add the fields)
  3. Identify the web dynpro component (this is the Name of the component that represents a screen or part of a screen in floor plan Manager)
  4. Add new columns to the screen area (this is to Show the fields on the actual screen)
  5. Identify the viewexit (the place where you can fill the fields using codign logic)
  6. Enhance the viewxit (add coding to the viewexit)

PICTURE 2 – How to identify the correct ui structure

STEP 1: go to SE84
STEP 2: Choose WebDynpro + Componenent configuration
STEP 3: Enter /SCMTMS/PLN for the Cockpit

PICTURE 3 – How to identify the correct ui structure (ALTERNATIVE)

The System Shows node ui structure /SCMTMS/UI_PLN_FU_SHP. This is the structure where you canadd the custom fields via append. Btw, the ui structure for the Fu item area on a hierarchy is /SCMTMS/S_UI_TBI_H_FU.

If you have set Parameter FPM_CONFIG_EXPERT as X, you can go to component config from any Sap Business Client or netweaver BC screen by choosing “Show configurable Areas” on top Right of the screen” and click on “hammer Icon”.

PICTURE 4 – How to add the custom fields to the ui structure

STEP 1: TC SE11 – go in Display mode of the ui structure

STEP 2. press “APPEND”

STEP 3: write the field names into field component and the data element in the component type.

STEP : Activate the structure


PICTURE 5 – add the fields on the screen using webdynpro CONFIGURATION

STEP 1 – go to web dynpro config using steps described in Picture 2 or 3

STEP 2 – Choose additional function “Create Customizi” and give a title “enhanced FU area for customer xyz

STEP 3 – Scroll down and choose “add column”

STEP 4 – at the very bottom of the field list, you will find the custom fields

STEP 5 – choose them and  they will be placed at the end of the list

STEP 6 – you can Change the field description , length and sequence in properties

All Customizing can be removed by “delete Customizing”. This is really configuration.


PICTURE 6 – View the new fields in the cockpit

STEP 1 – go to sap Business client

STEP 2 -type Transport-Cockpit

STEP 3- choose a profile combination and press continue

RESULT. The custom fields are added on the screen

PICTURE 7 – identify the viewexit

STEP 1: Note FBI view for this is /SCMTMS/PLN_FU_SHP

STEP 2: go back to se84 and Display the viewexit name

PICTURE 8 – Fill the field Content using coding

STEP 1 – enhance viewexit  class /SCMTMS/CL_UI_VIEWEXIT_PLN_NEW

CONCLUSION: The layout of the Cockpit can be configured and custom fields can be added.



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      Author's profile photo Indraneel Mukherjee
      Indraneel Mukherjee

      Its really an useful document. We have a requirement whereby under the road freight order layout view in TC, we need to add a button related to road schedules whereby the schedule will be unassigned automatically via unassign schedule method. Now when I entered in SPRO-Planning-Define settings for page layout and under application for transportation cockpit, I did not find any specific event which can help me to achieve this. Do you have any information if for road schedules we can use any existing action or event to meet this requirement.

      Author's profile photo Petra hunger
      Petra hunger

      hi Indraneel,

      route schedules are used in TM when a truck is travelling regularly, for example every Monday. In this case, you add schedules to the page layout in the lower area where you usually have ressources. This can be achieved within the page layout.

      STEP 1: Type page layout. select the details area within an existing layout (see red highlighted area)

      STEP 2:go to the top left area(where the ressources are) and choose"add content"

      STEP 3: Choose schedules

      Author's profile photo preeti arora
      preeti arora

      Hi Petra,

      Thank you for sharing this concise and informative article. It has been quite useful one. I have a query related to adding editable custom fields in Freight Unit quadrant of TC. I tried adding 'Input' type field and modifying read_only properties in view exit class like we do in any other screen. But in TC it does not seem to work. Is this functionality achievable? can you please help.



      Author's profile photo Petra hunger
      Petra hunger

      Hi Preeti,

      have also not managed to add an editable field on the FU area. But, I added fields to the FU UI and then, you can display it in the cockpit. The user has to double-click on the FU, maintain the field and save. After refreshing, you see it in the cockpit. Its a shame if this does not work. It can be useful to add a booking reference for example or an information text. By the main, in the freight order area it works and we use it there to edit the carrier, edit the resource or enter a comment.

      hope it helps


      Author's profile photo Pratik Barmeda
      Pratik Barmeda

      Hi Petra hunger , preeti arora ,


      Have you been able to add an editable field to FU Stages area yet? Or is there an article that provides more information on this?





      EDIT : Luckily I managed to find a setting on Component Customizing level that helps in this situation.


      Uncheck this button and handle the READ_ONLY property in ADAPT_FIELD_PROPERTIES method


      Author's profile photo mustafa cengiz
      mustafa cengiz

      Hi Petra, thank you so much for this tutorial. Could you please also provide some knowledge, how to understand the logic behind a Z pushbutton and how to create a new one in TC? It is alittle bit urgent.

      Thanks in advance and best regards.

      Author's profile photo Petra Hunger
      Petra Hunger
      Blog Post Author

      hi Mustafa,

      To create a new button in the cockpit, you have to create an action. I have just posted a 10 min you tube video about creating a determination.

      Do exactly the same thing and create an action for the cockpit node.

      Then, you can use the floor plan manager customizing to add the button. on the very left side of the web dynpro component, you can view the buttons. Then, you can add the button to the place where you want it to be. At the very right side of the button details, you can add the action. I am planning to do another video about adding buttons to the cockpit. It is a common need.


      Author's profile photo Anusha Saxena
      Anusha Saxena

      Hi Petra, thanks for the tutorial !  We also have a requirement to add a few fields to Transportation cockpit. However, as per the S4HANA 2020 extensibility guideline the implicit enhancements are discouraged. Hence, could you please suggest any BADI for data processing ?

      Thanks !

      Author's profile photo Petra Hunger
      Petra Hunger
      Blog Post Author

      hi Anusha,

      there is no implicit enhancement anywhere in my description and I would definitely not recommend any. View exits are places where you are allowed to add coding.

      We have extended the cockpit fields in our previous project and I am just helping with the upgrade to ht newest S/4 Hana version.

      There is no issue with them.



      Author's profile photo Varunkumar Anand
      Varunkumar Anand

      Hi Petra,

      Thanks for the informative article!! we also have the similar requirement to add the fields to the Transportation cockpit. To fetch the data into the fields which method(like Badi,enhacement…) need to be use?.

      I could see enhancement in Point 8 of the article but S4 does not recommend the Implicit/Explicit Enh. Could you please drop a note that to add logic by using some other method in /SCMTMS/CL_UI_VIEWEXIT_PLN_NEW . It be will be very much helpful..




      Author's profile photo Sagar Pipariya
      Sagar Pipariya

      Hello Petra,

      I want to appreciate your efforts to blog on this topic and sad to understand that there is not recommendation or document or mentioned of it in enhancement guide from SAP on the best practice to add custom fields in the Transportation cockpit.

      We recently came across performance issue with our Transportation cockpit and our analysis so far is that majority of it is caused by custom fields added to FO and FU quadrant in the cockpit.

      So, I would like to get your thought on it. We implemented post-Exit in the class /SCMTMS/CL_UI_VIEWEXIT_PLN_NEW and under method /BOFU/IF_FBI_VIEW_EXITINTF_RUN~ADAPT_DATA. Whereas, your recommendation is to implement implicit enhancement under method _MODIFY_TOR_DATA or _MODIFY_FU_DATA, is that correct?

      The problem with our post-exit is that we are again looping at all the entries in our FU items as custom fields fetches information from TRQ Item level and during debugging, we found that this post-exit is called between 8-10 times from the start of cockpit to creation of new FO or FB document.

      Did you faced any performance issue with your enhancements in the cockpit and can share any tips to efficiently manage it.




      Author's profile photo Archana Dev
      Archana Dev

      Hello Petra,

      Thanks a lot for the wonderful document.

      Do you have other articles/Videos on POWL enhancements.



      Author's profile photo Gonzalo Alvarez Mejias
      Gonzalo Alvarez Mejias


      Author's profile photo Gonzalo Alvarez Mejias
      Gonzalo Alvarez Mejias

      Hello Petra, thanks for sharing the document. Do you know how you can add a field with a document so that you can navigate to it? For example a FWO and when you click on that document the system show the details.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Aniket Chowdhury
      Aniket Chowdhury

      Hi Petra,


      I am trying to add custom editable field in my FO area and then save that field data.

      I am able to add the field and make it editable, but I am unable to save the data entered in the field, when i click on save it gets removed.

      Any inputs or leads would be really helpful.

      Thanks in advance