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All About Contact Details & User Subscription – C4C

Contact Details:

This view will give you an overview of the information maintained for your contacts.

You can access this view from the Service Control Center work center.

There are three contact types:

IT Contact: A contact person in your organization who gives you system information and to whom you report downtimes.

SAP Store Buyer: A contact person in your organization who is authorized to procure solutions on your behalf in the SAP Store.

During initial implementation, you can assign service agents as contacts of the type SAP Store Buyer to allow them to purchase partner solutions. Once employees are available, we strongly recommend that you change the contact assignment to an employee assignment. After go-live, we recommend that you only assign employees as SAP Store buyers.

•Commercial Contact: A contact person in your organization who is authorized to order services from SAP Business By Design, such as purchasing additional licenses.

You can view this details by accessing to the Service Control Work Centre.

Note: There must always be at least one commercial contact , one IT contact  and one SAP Store Buyer assigned in the Contact Details view.

User Subscription and Details:

Active Business Users from the production system will only consume the License Type in C4C and will be considered for the Billing Cycle.

Counted User Check box is for customer reference to know the overview of License Type assignments and the Active Users in the production system. Adding User Subscription for a user will reflect these details in the User Subscription view in the Service Control Center work center in which you will be able to see the License Types, Traffic Signals about the Usage and Users assigned to a License Types.

Even If you don’t assign the License Type to a Active Business Users, then these licenses will be calculated by our License department and the report about the Users and License Assignment details will be send to your IT contact by your CEE/SAP Account Manger.

For more information request you to align with your CEE/Account Manger who will guide you further on this.

If the Business User is Locked then that user will not be consuming any license type.

In C4C Customer have to manually assign the User Subscription to a Business User in the Business User view in Administrator work center.

  1. Login to SAP Hybris Cloud for customer Production tenant
  2. Go to Administrator Work Center
  3. Click on Business Users under User View
  4. Select User and click on Edit User Subscription
  5. Click on Add at top right corner
  6. Select *User Type: and *Subscription Type:
  7. Click on Add and save

One way to find the License Type of the User can be found as follows:

  1. Login to SAP Hybris Cloud for customer.
  2. Go to Administrator Work Center.
  3. Click on Business Users under User View.
  4. Select the User.
  5. Under User Subscription tab under details section you will see License Type if any assigned to the user.

Other Way to find the License Type assigned to User can be found as follows:

  1. Login to SAP Hybris Cloud for customer
  2. Go to Service Control Center Work Center
  3. Click User Subscriptions View
  4. You will find two sub-view.
  • Purchased License: Which will show the number of licensed purchased
  • Counted user overview: Which will display the Counted user for the production tenant and license types will be listed below

Sync User and License details:

Whenever customer update any details related to users (e.g. name, user ID, email, set user lock) in the Business User view these details will get updated in the License view only after the data has been updated in the SAP Backend as well. Since this takes some time to get updated and may cause confusions to customers often, To avoid these kind of confusions, we have offered new button in the Counted User Overview called Sync Purchased Licenses. Customer can simply click on this button and that directly triggers the synchronization between the systems and details will be synced.


2659697 – How to Restrict Business Users by consuming License in ByD/C4C system

3055560 – Business User ID and Contact Details are not in Sync under User Subscription in SAP Cloud for Customer(C4C)

Help Portal Link: User Subscription

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      Author's profile photo Pratik Shekokar
      Pratik Shekokar

      Hello Ankit,

      Thank you for providing detailed information on user subscriptions.

      I have one question here,

      My assumption is if the user has a Sales Lead, opportunity, or quotation access which means the user has sales cloud access.


      If the user has service tickets access it means the user has service cloud access.

      if we assign a user subscription as "SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, enterprise edition" to a sales user who also has access to service tickets


      vice-versa for the Service users to whom we assign subscription type as "SAP Hybris Service Cloud, enterprise edition" and have access to Sales quotes or opportunities as well.

      Would it impact the access of the user?


      Thanks in advance.


      Pratik Shekokar