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Replicating Data from Oracle to HANA using SAP HANA Web IDE SDI

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  • Few comments from my side.

    1. Indeed very complicated setup comparing to other solutions on the market.
    2. Performance is not production ready. It is not fast and scalable solution. We had significant performance issues with this setup.
    • The SDI development guideline said:

      • “No setting stored in the source because you might have two agents, all settings are stored in Hana and provided to the adapter at start”. All Transaction Log based adapters store their settings in the source.
      • "One agent serves multiple Hana instances". If S/4Hana, BW and the Data Lake all want to read from one Oracle system, you need to install the agent on that system three times. Architecture isolates the agent on session level. Every new session, regardless from where, is independent. Hence no problem to support that. (Latest JDBC proxy addition violates that agreement)
      • “Users are business users, hence make it simple”. Look at the settings in the datastores. Tons of options.
      • “Simple UIs”. Migration to XSA made all UIs worse. Lots of above complexity stems from XSA.
      • RepTask is not simple either. You want to replicate 1000 objects, hence select them and go. Instead you have to make settings on each and every replicated object. Could have been an advanced setting instead. And if you forgot one table, the entire reptask start from scratch with an initial load of all – there goes your weekend.

      The list goes on and on and on…

      I am using the SQL commands most of the time, if I use SDI.

      However what I prefer is Kafka:


    • Hi Yuriy,

      It is bit complicated to configure the solution compared to other vendors. But SDI is HANA centric so performance is not bad after we evaluated top vendors on the market also it includes transformation and SDQ.