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Fetching Selective Pay Component(s) in Document Generation

Document Generation helps to generate custom e-mail text as well as business letters.

For generating salary details, we have been mapping pay component name and amount and needful is done.

Recently, we got a requirement, wherein selective pay components were to be fetched in the business letter.

In below example, only ‘Base Salary’ will be fetched.

Following are the steps to be followed –

  1. Create a custom field of ‘Number’ data type in Document Mapping Rule Result object.

Navigate to Configure Object Definition–> Document Mapping Rule Result.

Click on Take Action–>Make Correction

2. Create a rule to generate only base salary

Navigate to Configure Business Rules.

Click on Basic,

mention rule name

Rule Type – Document Generation

Base Object – Document Mapping Rule Result

Add ‘Compensation’ in parameters.

Map this rule in ‘Manage Document Template Mapping’ against the placeholder

Taking example of an employee who has more than one pay component in Compensation Information-

Below is the generated letter-


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