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Dear SAP Friends,

Welcome to another interesting topic, in Analytical area.

In this blog will see how to design our own report Via Query Browser by using SAP delivered Analytical Queries

In 1809 standard Analytical Queries are 588 in 1909 number has increased to 753.


The Query Browser is a Fiori application using which we can quickly and easily search, browse, and tag the analytical queries. This application displays all the analytical queries to which the user has access. We need to assign the Query Browser role to a user. (Fiori Role:- SAP_BR_EMPLOYEE)

  1. Open Query Browser App

  1. Select any Analytical Queries as per requirement which you wanted to develop a Report below are some of the Analytical Queries related to Manufacturing

  1. Once you selected Analytical Queries in bottom click on open for Analysis, it will open in Design Studio
  2. Based on the Query we selected the selection Parameters will vary select as per your requirement
  3. Once opened in the left-hand side we can see 2 lines
  • Dimensions
  • Column + Rows

  1. Which fields we want in the report we can simply drag and drop in either column or row.
  2. I have added fields as shown below

8. As per the selection of fields will get the report

9. This report we can download to excel and change the graphical presentation

10. Above are the option to make report useful for presentation

Different type of chats

By using Action Icon in Query Bowser, Save as Tile we can directly send Mail or save as tile to save time

Directly if we select tile report will open no need to search for analytical query, drag and drop and all not required.

Also, we can choose in launchpad to which group this tile need to be added


Please share, Like and Comment anything else you want to share or add points.

Thanks & Regards

Ruthvik Chowdary

SME – S/4 HANA Manufacturing & Procurement

SAP Ariba P2P



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  • Hi Ruthvik Chowdary,

    Really good explanation, keep sharing wonderful blogs like this in SAP Comunity.

    I have a small question, as you have selected a single Analytical query and developed a report by drag and drop. can we use more than one analytical query to do same?


    • Hi Lavanya,

      Small correction I designed report as per requirement not developed ?

      in query browser we can use only one analytical query and design report if you want to combine more then one analytical query and design report means we need to take help from ABAP / UI5 Consultants to develop it

      Guess now you understood difference Design Vs Development

  • Hello Ruthvik,

    Good blog. With SAC now embedded with S/4 HANA, will Query browser become redundant. Is there an advantage of using Query browser vs SAC?

  • Hi Ruthvik

    Nice blog, thank you. We have been working on a query in the same way. However, our customer would like the ability to automate the running of this query and have it emailed out regularly. I assume that has to be a wrap around ABAP program to do that. Do you know how easy it is to call the query from within a program?



    • Please check there is no space added before and after while adding role

      This role is for on premises if your system is cloud role might be different

  • Hi Ruthvik,
    I often read that there should be an option "Open in Design Studio" but it's not there. Hast this been removed or replaced by the OLAP tool of this blog?

    Best regards,


    • Once you select SAP Standard KPI It will automatically open in Design Studio only, there is no such option to manually select Open in Design Studio

  • Hi Ruthvik,

    many thanks for sharing this info. A very nice blog.
    Do we have the possibility to select additional fields after the report has been executed?
    Is it possible to also add some drilldown functionalities?



  • Hi Ruthvik,

    Nice blog, thank you for sharing the knowledge.

    I have a small query.

    As you explained in this blog, once we make the CDS View as a separate Tile from Query Browser then can't we store the same changes into separate TR so that we(as a Fiori Administrator) can apply the same changes for the end users as per their business requirement. So that they can directly interact with their requirement instead of finding CDS View in Query Browser App.





  • Hi Ruthvik Chowdary,


    Interesting BLOG!


    I have done a lot in embedded analytics using query browser. But I have one question.  On the ROWS side, when we don't have data in the field then '#' is coming rather than blank.

    is there any setting to remove # or any specific reason why # is coming instead of blank?



    Himanshu Kawatra


  • Hello Rithvik,


    A good document ! Do you have an idea where does the save as Query views are saved. Is there a possibility to extract these via RFC call?


    Thanks in advance for your answer

  • /
  • Hello Ruthvik,

    Nice blog.

    But could you please let me know how to include this query as a tile in another custom catalog and custom group.

    Thanks in advance.