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Resize ASE database in NPL 7.52 SP 04

By default, NPL is shipped with database size ~25GB, and ~2GB free storage but what if this space will end? Today I will show you a fast solution for resizing the database in NPL 7.52 SP 04. Why for this particular version? In older versions, the only thing you have to do is simply execute disk resize and alter the database, but this particular is affected by a small issue.

Issue explanation

This tutorial can cause an issue on your database, which can be solved by ‘reorg rebuild’ command. Please see the side effects section.

If you just resize this database you probably get in any case a message:

[ASE Error SQL1105]Can't allocate space for object 'XYZ' in database 'NPL' because 'default' segment is full/has no free extents. If you ran out of space in syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise, use ALTER DATABASE to increase the size of the segment.

This is probably caused by known ASE limitations. More information is available here. And in notes:

If you download and execute a script attached to 2822555, you will see a similar error:

Basically, between rows 1614592 and 1835008 is a hole, which causes our problem. To avoid this we have to patch it.

Prepare system

Lets login to the sybnpl, and increase ‘max memory’ parameter first:

su -l sybnpl
isql -Usapsa -X -SNPL

Note about memory configuration is available here.

sp_configure 'max memory',736621

Now let’s allow updates on system tables

isql -Usapsso -X -SNPL sp_configure "allow updates to system tables", 1 go

Patch the hole

If the database is not resized yet, we can perform now this operation. In my case, I increase DB space at 5 GB up to ~30 GB

isql -Usapsa -X -SNPL 
disk resize name="NPL_data_001",size = '5G'  
alter database NPL on NPL_data_001 = '5G'

Now it’s time to the most important line

insert into sysusages values (5,0,1623808,211200,1623808,10,1623808,"Dec 19 2019  8:21AM",-5)

After all, it is also a good idea to run

dbcc dbrepair(NPL,remap) 
dbcc dbrepair(NPL, ltmignore)

Now your DB should be properly resized.

Side effects

It is possible that someday you get a dump like:

SQL error 5702 while accessing program " part "LREF".

"[ASE Error SQL21][SAP][ASE ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server
Enterprise]WARNING - Fatal Error 2628 occurred at Dec 22 2019  4:16PM.
Please note the error and time, and contact a user with System Administrator (SA) authorization.#"

If you check your sm21, there should be a message error with the table name, like:

[ASE Error SQL21][SAP][ASE ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server       79
WARNING - Fatal Error 2628 occurred at Dec 22 2019 79
Dtabase error 5702 with INS access to table D010TAB

If you get an error like this, you should run reorg on the table mentioned in the message, i.e.

reorg rebuild NPL.SAPSR3.D010TAB
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  • EDIT March 23rd, 2019:

    • Shure resizing is simple, but not in the case of 7.52 SP 04. The article mentioned by you does not covering the “hole issue” , because this issue doesn’t exist in previous versions.

    • Hi Sandra Rossi, yes – I have installed the latest ABAP 7.52 SP04 and added the additional space NOT through a resize like described in this blog post, but extending by giving it an additional disk for storage as describe in my earlier post in 2017.

      I can confirm it still works (see screenshots below).

      • Try fill this database to max. Issue starts when you exceed initial storage or just try to run script attached to 2822555, this is the simplest way to confirm that this issue exists.

        • Hi Pawet,

          with regard to your command

          insert into sysusages values (5,0,1623808,211200,1623808,10,1623808,"Dec 19 2019  8:21AM",-5)

          should i change the date time to the current datetime or not? for those values used in the first 7 fields, are they fixed or should i refer to a specific report of my system?



        • Hi Paweł Wiejkut ,

          I finally found some time to try and max out the DB and test this out and yes, I can confirm that even if I had added more space to the DB but due to this “hole” issue as you’ve pointed out, I am not able to utilize that space. Thanks for the blog!

          Sandra Rossi – just an FYI.


  • Hi Pawet, so grateful for the blog. It is kind of saving my life after a not very happy SGEN that filled databases.

    I am not being able to execute the

    insert into sysusages values (5,0,1623808,211200,1623808,10,1623808,"Dec 19 2019  8:21AM",-5)

    I am getting the message sysusages not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help etc etc.

    I am logged to isql as Usapsa, to the operating system as sybnpl. Tried to check ASE manuals for help but cant find any, Actually I am not sure who owns sysusages table. Thanks!!!!


    • Hi Maria, I have managed to implement the solution that Pawel describes, but with some small adjustments, adding ‘use master’ and ‘exit’ when changing db user.

      Try this :

      -> su -l sysbnpl

      pw: xxxxxxx

      > isql -Usapsa -X -SNPL

      > use master

      > go

      > sp_configure ‘max memory’, 736621

      > go

      (1 row affected) … etc

      (return status = 0)

      > exit

      % isql -Usapsso -X -SNPL

      pw: xxxxxxxx

      > sp_configure “allow updates to system tables”, 1

      > go

      (1 row affected) … etc

      (return code = 0)

      > exit

      % isql -Usapsa -X -SNPL

      pw: xxxxx

      > use master

      > go

      > disk resize name = “NPL_data_001”, size = ’10G’ 

      > go

      > alter database NPL on NPL_data_001 = ’10G’

      > go 

      > insert into sysusages values (5,0,1623808,211200,1623808,10,1623808,”Dec 19 2019  8:21AM”,-5)

      > go

      (1 row affected)

      > dbcc dbrepair(NPL,remap)

      > go

      > dbcc dbrepair(NPL, ltmignore)


      + if you had this error when running SGEN prior to extend the db space

      Runtime error “DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR” occurred.
      > Short dump “200501 205522 vhcalnplci_NPL_00 DEVELOPER” created.
      Database error 1105 with INS access to table D010INC
      > [ASE Error SQL1105][SAP][ASE ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server
      > Enterprise]Can’t allocate space for object ‘D010INC’ in
      > database ‘NPL’ … etc  … then also do

      >reorg rebuild NPL.SAPSR3.D010TAB
      >reorg rebuild NPL.SAPSR3.D010INC


      After that the SGEN job should run without any issue if you have added enough free space (>= 10GB) to NPL_data_001.






  • Hi Pawet and Stephane,

    I have done the above and it resolved my issue thanks for that, if i need more space again say 5 GB
    Values will change only in these statements

    disk resize name = “NPL_data_001”, size = ’XG’

    alter database NPL on NPL_data_001 = ’XG’

    Everything else will remain the same??

    • Hi Ahmad,

      Yes indeed that is all you need to do.

      But I would recommend to extend for 10 GB simply because running tr SGEN for ALL components takes already 8.7GB …

      This NPL752 minisap system is a great learning tool and it is free. But there are a few flaws that SAP could have fixed before making it available.

      I have made a comment about that here, and there was an interesting response from Julie Plummer: FAQ and Troubleshooting

      FYI another issue that I discovered is that workflow will not work on this system.

      But there is a solution for that proposed by Jonathan Bourne (search workflow)

      AS ABAP 752 SP04, developer edition: NOW AVAILABLE | SAP Blogs