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Predictive Material and Resource Planning (pMRP) Steps

Dear SAP Friends,

Welcome to another interesting topic i.e, pMRP

In my previous blog, I have explained an overview of pMRP and its features.

In this blog will show you steps on how to perform pMRP.

First of all, pMRP comes with only Fiori Apps there are no transactions available.

pMRP has 2 Apps

  1. Schedule pMRP Simulation Creation
  2. Process pMRP Simulations

Now let’s see how and what parameters need to maintain in order to get a bewildering outcome of pMRP.

Open Schedule pMRP Simulation Creation

Use of this app we can schedule the creation of pMRP simulations

  1. Click on Add
  2. As per the requirement and business fit select one of the following job templates in the Job Template field:
  • Creation of pMRP Data via Top-Level Materials

We can use this template to generate reference data based on material data.

  • Creation of pMRP Data via Work Center

We can use this template to generate reference data based on work centre data.

  1. Once selected Template as per requirement scroll down to Parameters
  • Give ID for Reference & Simulation ID

Please not both should be different as shown below this are used for reporting and tracking purpose

  • Bucket Category is a selection of Month / Week select as per requirement.
  • Date Range
  • And any other parameters if required to get more precision output
  1. Once all data is maintained click on Check to find any data inconsistency once all are good with error-free click schedule

  1. Once Scheduled Job is finished, we can see status and Logs

With this, we have successfully Scheduled pMRP Simulation

Open Process pMRP Simulations

Use of this app we can create multiple simulations, check the impact of simulated changes to capacity or demands on the KPIs, and take informed decisions for your production planning. we can also reduce inventory costs by making the right adjustments in our simulation.

Key Features of this app will Demand Plan Simulation Capacity Plan Simulation in each simulation we will have different parameters that can be simulated/adjust

  1. Open App to check previously created Scheduling Simulation

  1. You can review the Capacity load and Demand load and make adjustments
  2. If every this is fine and system simulation is accurate to our business we can release the simulation so that it will reduce overload and distribute demand equally.

To know more please refer


Please share, Like and Comment anything else you want to share or add points.

Thanks & Regards

Ruthvik Chowdary

SME – S/4 HANA Manufacturing & Procurement

SAP Ariba P2P

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  • Hello Ruthvik,
    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    I’m trying to do the same (1909 on premise), but I don’t have anything in the Job Template list: what do I need to do to see the “Creation of pMRP Data via Top-Level Materials” or “Creation of pMRP Data via Work Center” on the list ?

          • Hi Ruthvik,

            1. No DDMRP is not yet activated, is it needed ?
            2. Maybe it’s authorization, because I can see a message “No authorization”, but I have SAP_ALL role and nothing is wrong when I launch STAUTHTRACE to check if authorization is missing. It there a special authorization to add?


            1. For me DDMRP is required so i have activated and even Fiori role of pMRP is linked with DDMRP, Activate DDMPR
            2. Assign this role and check SAP_BR_PRODN_PLNR once
          • Thanks.
            I added the role fpr PMRP and DDMRP, but still the same behavior : nothing in the Job Template list.

            I try to see what’s wrong: in the service, I can see that there is a call to Get the JobTemplateSet, filtered on SAP_SCM_PMRP_CREATE_WC  and SAP_SCM_PMRP_CREATE_MAT. Here, nothing is found.
            These entries are defined in table APJ_W_JCE_ROOT, and they are not visible in the CDS View C_APJ_JOB_TEMPLATE_F2058 used by the service, because field ‘SCOPING_RELEVANT_IND’ has ‘X’ in the table APJ_W_JCE_ROOT. As there is a filter in the C_APJ_JOB_TEMPLATE_F2058 with ” APJ_V_JOB_TEMPLATE_UNION.scoping_relevant_ind <> ‘X’” it seems that’s why I can’t see there.

            I don’t find any note related to that topic, did you applied note on your system?

          • I found the problem; I have to add the entries SAP_SCM_PMRP_CREATE_WC  and SAP_SCM_PMRP_CREATE_MAT in the customizing IMG-path SAP NetWeaver->Application Server->System Administration->Activiation of Scope-Dependent Application Job Catalog Entries. (explanation in note 2278049)

            Now it works !

            Thanks for your help,

            Best regards,

  • Dear Ruthvik,

    Nice document,

    SAP new invention very interesting, Just now i test in my new implementation in S4-1909

    Can you suggest after release the simulation in PMRP any next step