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BFA Basic Bank Account Management – Same bank account shared cross company codes

There are business scenarios that require that the same bank account to be shared by multiple company codes.

How is this managed in S4HC?

It is important to understand that only one company code can be the legal owner of the account.

This means that in Manage Bank Accounts App, the bank account will be first created for the legal owner (company code 1010) from the example below:

The extension for the other company codes is done in the same app Manage Bank Accounts – House Bank Account Connectivity attributes.

After extending the bank account, it will become available to be configured and used for automatic payments in company code 1020.

And also, it will become available in apps like Post incoming Payments and Post Outgoing Payments.

The disadvantage is that we will not be able to see this bank account if you search in Manage Bank Accounts App using 1020 company code. This bank account will be always displayed in this app linked with its legal owner (the main company code), in our case 1010.

If you don`t follow this procedure and we want to create this bank account directly for 1020, we will get the following message: Account number already exists.

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