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R&R: The Key To Work Happiness And Mutual Growth

Dissatisfaction and vexation are rampantly becoming a common sight at the workplace thereby stampeding attrition levels in small, medium and large enterprises. It is indeed high time for the employers to delve in business from ground level and identify the gaps. Upon analysing, they may think that lack of discipline, order or lack of defined goal setting in their organisation is the reason. However, it is farther from the truth. 

The real problem is that the companies are too married to the ongoing traditional work culture and policies and that is why they are unable to look beyond that. While people of different economic and cultural backgrounds work in their organisation, not everything will be liked or disliked by all of them. But,k one thing that they all dislike is the paucity of motivation and appreciation. This is why it is time to get over the hackneyed ideas and accept that in your organisation, the purpose (goals) are not aligned properly.  

Nonetheless, a robust R&R (rewards and recognition program) is one of the most effective methods to boost intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and get all of the employees to perform their best by promoting healthy competition.

Why is it important to have an R&R program?

Put simply, most of the departments in your company don’t have an incentive plan. More than half of the workforce is paid a fixed amount by the payroll software for coming to office, marking their attendance in attendance management software and completing the work assigned to them. 

Herein, motivation is a complete miss. There is no direct benefit that the employees will get by burning their midnight’s oil, all the profit is the profit of the company and so, without rewards and recognition program, even the most skilled and talented employees start getting accustomed to giving the “butt in seat time”, if not for all then surely for half of the days in a month.

The thought as to what are they getting in return for pushing their limits, brainstorming and taking initiatives- Appreciation? Appraisal? Recognition? Reward? precedes their mind more than anything else- THEY LACK MOTIVATION. 

What can companies do to make their R&R plan successful? 

High performers are not high performers by default, it is the system that is responsible for making its people high performing. For the company that wants to see its employees performing their best daily, should also put efforts to identify, recognise and reward its people daily! Consistency is of utmost importance. 

Should businesses deploy Performance Management Software?

The HRs, managers and peers can use HRIS to recognise a small gesture that reflected a soft skill, the support they gave to their colleague when they achieved a goal, for following timelines or being punctual and more. The software fosters communication, collaboration through 360-degree feedback, as a result, the employees start feeling valued. Not just this, the performance and payroll software help the companies in keeping a tab on the year-round performance and not judge the employees on their recent performance only at the time of review and appraisal meeting. 

What should you expect?

Undeniably, the R&R program would help your business in keeping the employee morale high which will improve the performance manifold without making the employees put their personal life at stake. All of these “goody things” will diminish the dissatisfaction levels and attrition! It will become hard for the personnel to leave an organisation that never leaves a chance to appreciate its staff, helps them grow and keeps them happy.

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