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Part 4: Generating the UI and minimal fine tuning

You will learn how to generate the user interfaces (UIs) for your solution and the very minimal fine tuning to make them work. After that you can directly start testing your full application!

In the previous video blog I explained how you can create your first business logic.

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  • Hello Jens,

    Thank you for a great video series.

    I was repeating same exercise in my system and on QC screen while adding SaveClose on selected Navigation Item ID I went through documentation and it says this property works only in HTML5.

    C4C donot support HTML5 anymore , is the documentation old.



    Kumar Rituraj

    • Dear Kumar,

      it is still correct. The current Fiori3 styled UI is also based on HTML5 technology. Before we had another UI based on Silverlight. So this setting works for the current UI and the documentation is correct.

      Hope this explanation helped!



  • Hey, I am not sure if you check the comments under the youtube video, so i will post this here as well. The Prolem is:

    When I change in the OWL the semantic to quick create, the button is not visible anymore. When I change it back to none its visible again. Every other setting is like yours. It's the same problem as described here:

    Do you have an answer for that. I can't find a solution.