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Part 2: Creating a new solution and new business object

You will learn how to log on to your tenant with the Cloud Application Studio, how to create a new solution and how to create your first business object.

In the previous video blog I explained the use case for our custom solution.

Please note, in the video I used for our teacher the data type “BusinessPartnerInternalID”, please use instead the data type “EmployeeID” as given also in the below code sample.

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Code Samples

Code for Business Object “SeminarMgmt”:

import AP.Common.GDT as apCommonGDT;

businessobject SeminarMgmt {

	[Label("Name")] element Name :LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_LONG_Text;
	[Label("Description")] element Description:LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_LONG_Text;
	[Label("Seminar Start Date")] element SeminarStartDate:Date;
	[Label("Seminar End Date")] element SeminarEndDate:Date;
	[Label("Teacher")] element Teacher:EmployeeID;
	[Label("Price per Participant")] element PriceperParticipant:Amount;
	[Label("Number of Participants")] element NumberofParticipants:NumberValue;
	[Label("Total Revenue")] element TotalRevenue:Amount;


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      Author's profile photo zozo park
      zozo park

      I just wonder that,

      Could you show me what's different the data types those EmployeeID to BusinessPartnerInternalID as a real quick?

      Thank you!

      from newbie :))

      Author's profile photo Jens Limbach
      Jens Limbach
      Blog Post Author

      Its just two different data formats. In the end both store a string but the issue arises when you want to assign in the scripting later one value from one data type to another, there you can get issues.

      It’s best to catch the right data type as this makes things later easier. In the repository explorer of the studio you can look up all the details in the data type section.

      Author's profile photo zozo park
      zozo park

      Thank you sooo much!