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Part 2: Creating a new solution and new business object

You will learn how to log on to your tenant with the Cloud Application Studio, how to create a new solution and how to create your first business object.

In the previous video blog I explained the use case for our custom solution.

Please note, in the video I used for our teacher the data type “BusinessPartnerInternalID”, please use instead the data type “EmployeeID” as given also in the below code sample.

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Code Samples

Code for Business Object “SeminarMgmt”:

import AP.Common.GDT as apCommonGDT;

businessobject SeminarMgmt {

	[Label("Name")] element Name :LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_LONG_Text;
	[Label("Description")] element Description:LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_LONG_Text;
	[Label("Seminar Start Date")] element SeminarStartDate:Date;
	[Label("Seminar End Date")] element SeminarEndDate:Date;
	[Label("Teacher")] element Teacher:EmployeeID;
	[Label("Price per Participant")] element PriceperParticipant:Amount;
	[Label("Number of Participants")] element NumberofParticipants:NumberValue;
	[Label("Total Revenue")] element TotalRevenue:Amount;

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