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Dear SAP Friends,

In this Blog will see SAP Future releases with a road map of its Successful journey.

Just a Small intro about SAP, I know most of them already know SAP Time journey but for starters here we go

So SAP started its journey in the year 1972 with R/1 and eventually with the market needs it evolved to today’s S/4 HANA. The most Fastest ERP Tool ever 

If you pay attention like every 10 years once SAP will release new product from R/1 to R/2 & from R/2 to R/3

In 2005 the first ECC 6 has been released and for one decade it ruled the ERP World for ECC 6.0 to latest 6.8 exactly in 2015 S/4HANA has been released.

with no doubt down the line SAP will change the market with its Digital Next Generation tools.

Source SAP S/4HANA Business Scope Release 1809 – Customer Publish

So as per SAP Road map, the product which is going to release in 2025 will be “X”/4HANA – Intelligent Suite.


Note:- the future release of SAP in 2025 will be “X” /4HANA where X is not determined yet so please don’t get to a conclusion to its X/4HANA like iPhone X ?

The secret of SAP Sucess

Please share, Like and Comment anything else you want to share or add points.

Thanks & Regards

Ruthvik Chowdary

SME – S/4 HANA Manufacturing & Procurement

SAP Ariba P2P

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  • Hi Ruthvik

    Hmmmm... I'm curious to know which roadmap you saw that in?

    I suspect you may be on the wrong track on this...

    Internally we have a short hand of using X/4HANA to refer to the various /4HANA solutions (S/4HANA, C/4HANA, BW/4HANA, etc) ... I am not aware of anyone using that term as a solution in its own right and I can find no indication that is being suggested.

    Some of us also have an insider joke re the progression is R/3 -> S/4 -> T/5 ... but again not real solution names.

    Personally I find it's best to make sure something is officially announced before you commit to a specific solution name - there can be many suggestions before a final name is announced.

    Oh and by the way... there is no space e.g. it's SAP S/4HANA ( not S/4 HANA ) as you can see in the official SAP Community tag you have assigned to the blog.

    P.S. I already have some customers telling me that when they see partners/consultants who can't spell it right they won't even consider them.

    • Hi Jocelyn Dart

      I believe I’m not on the wrong track. the same ‘X”/4HANA has been published by SAP only in Business Scope Release 1809 Customer Publish please refer to it to know more.

      Else let me know will share you the document.

      and by the way, thank you for correcting the space between S/4 and HANA.

      I'm curious to know is the published document correct or not now, because being a Technology Ambassador if you didn't hear of "X"/4HANA and beyond that its a customer version, not even public version.

  • Hi Ruthvik


    Ok I have found the document you have mentioned and it matches your slide. It's the Business Scope for SAP S/4HANA 1909

    In this context "X"/4HANA means the various /4HANA solutions, i.e. S/4HANA, BW/4HANA, C/4HANA etc.  That's why it is subtitled "Intelligent Suite". It is talking about the suite of solutions that we offer.  It is not a single solution called X/4HANA.

    It's actually much clearer in the equivalent Business Scope 1909 (i.e. S/4HANA 1909) where they show a small summary of some of the solutions in the Intelligent Suite that fit alongside SAP S/4HANA.

    It's public so I can share it here to show you...

    Hope that clears up the confusion.



    • Hi Jocelyn Dart

      Thank you very much for adding your points. and explaining about "X" /4HANA. and clearing my doubt.

      and if you don't mind can you please share the link for the document of  Business Scope for SAP S/4HANA 1909 I'm unable to find.

      Thank you once again very much ?