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SAP Expert Role Guide to Microsoft Azure Skills and Certification

I posted about the SAP Customer Center of Excellence for Azure. In the article, I described about the  importance of having a joint blended capability model and also pathway for typical SAP expert role to training skills and certification for Azure.

Here is the easy reference, instead of the longer article read.

For easy links to various Microsoft Azure Role-Based Training and Certification, here it is for SAP Expert Roles being mapped.

Figure 1: Overview of Microsoft Azure Training and Certification Pathways


[Authors Note: 27 October 2021]:

Changes to the certifications are always occuring, so please check Microsoft Learn website. In general, they will be mapped to the role.

Although there is a change of content with the new exam numbers, the certification title do not change. See crucial FAQ here:

Does the name of the certification change?

The name of the associated certification does not change. Regardless if you earned it with the old or new exam, you have the same certification, but the skills that appear on your badge will reflect those that were part of the exam(s) that you took to earn it

I’ve been studying for the current version of the exam. What should I do? Continue on this path or start on the new one?

Truly, this is up to you. You need to do what makes sense for your certification journey. You will be tested on the new skills as part of our recertification requirements eventually, even if you choose to take the old version now instead of the new version. The key consideration is whether you want to be validated on skills that Microsoft believes are more closely aligned to the job role today or if you want to continue as you have been planning and update your skills through our recertification process and your own ongoing continuous learning journey after you earn the certification with version of the exam in market today. We are providing you with sufficient notice of these changes so you can make the decision that makes the most sense for you.

Will the Microsoft Learn content and instructor led training be updated at the same time?

We are committed to having the Learn content updated within 7 days of the release of the updated exam and the instructor led training will be updated within 30 days. If you are planning to take an instructor led training course, please make sure that they are providing the learning for the version of the exam that you want to take. Some partners will continue to offer the training associated with the old version of the exam as they have planned until the exam retires; some learning partners will provide both versions, and some will transition immediately to the new version. Be sure to confirm with the partner delivering the training, so you get the training you want and are expecting.”

The new exams will be on beta, and you will need to make up your mind on which one to take. But in general the links below are still relevant and will point to the right exams when they are released in March 2020.

Read this for information.

Understanding Microsoft Azure certifications

Finding the right Microsoft Azure certification for you


[Authors Note: 23 August 2020]: New Data and AI Fundamentals added


Capability Area for Unified SAP CCoEA Proposed Unified SAP CCoEA Role Azure Role Mapping for Certification/Training

Cloud Strategy


Unified SAP CCoEA Leader


Azure Fundamentals

Azure Data Fundamentals

Azure AI Fundamentals

SAP Enterprise Architect


Azure Fundamentals (Architects with Business Focus)

Azure Data Fundamentals (Architects with Business Focus/Technical Background)

Azure AI Fundamentals (Architects with Business Focus/Technical Background)

Azure Solution Architect (Architects with Prior Technical Background)

Business, Application, Data Development, Technical Architecture


Solution Architects/Functional Consultant

o   SAP Modules – Finance, SD/MM, MDG, PP/PM


Azure Fundamentals (Architects with Business Focus)

Azure Data Fundamentals (Architects with Business Focus/Technical Background)

Azure AI Fundamentals (Architects with Business Focus/Technical Background)

Azure Solution Architect (Architects with Prior Technical Background)



SAP Data Architect/Consultants (traditionally skilled in Business Warehouse and BI/BO)


Azure Data Scientist

Azure Data Engineer

Azure AI Engineer

Azure Power Platform Fundamentals



SAP Technical Architect


Azure Solution Architect

Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty *


SAP Development Architect/Analyst (traditionally skilled in ABAP)


Azure Developer Associate

Azure AI Engineer

SAP Security Architect/Analyst Azure Security Engineer

Hybrid SAP and Azure Operations


SAP ABAP Developer

Azure Developer Associate

Azure DevOps Expert


SAP NetWeaver/Basis/HANA Database Consultant/Administrator




Azure Administrator

Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty *


SAP Security Administrator


Azure Security Engineer

Testing, Change and Release Administrators


Azure DevOps Associate


SAP Support Desk Operations


Azure Fundamentals


Transition and Transformation


SAP Program/Project Managers

SAP Project Coordinators

Communication Managers

Azure Fundamentals


*Generally Available as of 21-Feb-2020

For certification based on these roles, you can go to Microsoft Certifications to have an overview on the exams overview, guidelines and how to register.

In particular, for someone with Basis and HANA database background, the Azure for SAP Workload Specialty will be ideal to gain knowledge and skills. For those who would like prepare for this exam, please read this article Exam Study Resources for AZ-120 Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads.

For example, I would classify myself under SAP Technical Architect, and have taken the pathway of Azure Solution Architect and Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty this year. As part of my learning and growth, I am now preparing for Azure Security Engineer and Azure AI Engineer.

Take this as a initial guide to entry and not prescriptive for SAP experts for Azure. Ultimately, it depends on your professional interests and development pathways. This is by no means prescriptive, so happy learning, growing and keep up the tech intensity! Please let me know any questions and I will address them.

Certification resources

Training and certification guide

Exam Replay

Certification poster

Support for certifications

Certification dashboard

Happy learning, growing and keep up the tech intensity. This is by no means a prescriptive guide, but serves as initial development plan. Please let me know any questions and I will address them.

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This article was first published in LinkedIn here.

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