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Blog It Forward- Gaurav Karkara

Thanks to Nabheet Madan and Sudip Ghosh for nominating me to complete this challenge and i am more than happy to write this blog as it gives me the opportunity to ask a few questions to some  community members whom i really want to know more about. I read some of the blogs from previous BIF challenge. Some very distinguished community members may not realize it, but they should know that knowing other side of their life inspires many people to come forward and connect with them. This should be a ongoing practice, i thank Susan Keohan for reigniting the flame!


I hail from state of Punjab in India, which carries lot of historical significance and was a epicenter of agricultural revolution in India. Both my parents were teachers by profession. So, i was always expected to study hard and perform well in my class, which i did most of the time. I completed my Mechanical engineering before starting my SAP journey as ABAP developer. My better half is also a software professional and we are blessed with a 4 years old son.

Fun Fact

During my secondary education days, Classes 5th, 8th and 10th exams were used to be conducted by state education board. For a few high-scoring individuals, state would publish a ‘Merit List’ to which state would provide scholarships. Scholarship amounts were not that high, but it was a matter of pride for parents (specially teachers) to see their ward’s name in merit list.

Fun fact is that I missed that merit list 3 times in a row and every time by only 1 mark. Not many people believe this fact until i show them my mark sheets. During my class 12th exams( last chance to appear in prestigious ‘Merit List’ ), my parents asked me either to appear in merit list or miss it completely, but not by 1 mark. Guess what, i missed it by more than 100 marks.


This post would be incomplete if i don’t mention people whom i am very happy to know/met/follow:

Nabheet Madan – Nabheet is one person who inspires me everyday. He is the reason why i am writing this blog today or i am active a little on this community. I spoke at his Inside Track event in Chandigarh and i am hooked to SAP community since then. His sheer passion, enthusiasm, giving-nature, humbleness and hard-work focused approach can make anyone follow him. Thanks Nabheet.

Someone once told me that in life you should always ‘Bat on front-foot’ ( Cricket thing guys). Nabheet follows this philosophy fearlessly.

Phil Cooley – I have never met him in person. His relentless devotion to SAP community is quite evident. Phil’s persistent campaigns for liking the SAP blogs, following the community members and now to make 2020 a year of blogs are just out of passion. He has inspired me to restart my running as well.

DJ Adams – He is inspiring for the kind of person he is. I met him in Bangalore and he came across as such a humble, warm and welcoming personality. This is what makes a celebrity an inspiration, that’ why DJ is an inspiration to so many and i am no exception.

Jocelyn Dart – I believe she is someone who thinks about SAP even on weekends :-). I saw a comment once that she should publish a book only of her blogs. I will buy that book. Thanks for all those blogs. You recently completed 25 years in SAP. Congratulations.

Mahesh Kumar Palavalli Sudip Ghosh Vijay Sharma – Fan of you guys.

Now time to answer some questions from Nabheet Madan and Sudip Ghosh

What do you do apart from SAP in your free time

In last 3-4 years, i have realized that, if you have a toddler at home, some things/activities that you have taken for granted in your life so far, suddenly become a luxury e.g. Sleep, TV time. If i get some free time and i am not doing anything SAP, i sleep or i try to catch up on highlights of old cricket matches.

Watching old World Cup Cricket matches is one of my favorite pastimes especially matches from 1992, 1996 World cups.

How do you balance your life between work and family/personal time?

Fortunately, i haven’t struggled on this front. I work for SAP and SAP as a company is really flexible when it comes to work anywhere, anytime ( if nature of work allows ). I don’t do any special efforts to maintain this balance. Life is cool.

What would you choose if given a choice between coffee or tea and why?

I have always been a Tea guy. I want to explore tea culture in UK and Turkey as i heard that these 2 countries are crazy tea lovers.

What role SAP Community Play in your life? Explain it

That ‘Explain it’ suffix looks like a exam question. I will try.

I believe SAP community has improved my life in many ways. I regret that i started contributing or being active on community very late in my career, but i want to make the most of it now.

Apart from the SAP knowledge that i get here, which keeps me up-to-date in terms of knowledge and trends, I am more inspired by the people. Everyone is so helpful, humble, kind and inspires in so many ways. People I met during TechEd 2019 in Bangalore have left a lasting impact on me. So, for me, It’s People in SAP community that makes it such a beautiful place to visit everyday.

What is your favorite holiday destination and why?

I like to visit my parents during my holidays. So, my native place is my number 1 holiday destination. Apart from that, I feel very happy whenever i visit Goa.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

I think missing the ‘Merit List’ thrice in a row would count as a craziest thing i have ever done, knowingly or unknowingly.

Now, comes the part which was my actual inspiration to start writing this blog. I would like to challenge below community members:

Jocelyn Dart

Phil Cooley

Andre Fischer

And my questions would be:

  1. Please look back at your past working years and tell us what worked for you and what would you like to advise other professionals?
  2. What is your learning hack? Things you do differently to learn?
  3. What personnel development skills do you think everyone should have or strive to have?



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  • Hi Gaurav,

    This really stands out for me:   "knowing other side of their life inspires many people to come forward and connect with them"  - I am sure that's what Moshe Naveh had in mind when he launched the original #BlogItForward!

    I'm glad you fulfilled your parents' wish that you not miss the merit list by only one point 😉

    Have you met any of the people you tagged in real life?  If so, where, when, and how?

    Thanks so much for your contribution!


  • Great post bro never knew you are such a big fan of cricket. Even came to know from Phil Cooley BIF he is a leg spinner:) You are doing a great job in inspiring people around you silently. Just for information of other Gaurav nickname is Steampunk aka ABAPInCloud guy. Keep up the great work keep inspiring/learning/sharing.

  • Great post, I am fan of yours too :-), I am laughing at your Missing Merit list story, i am just thinking about expression of your parents when you missed it by 100 marks lol


  • Great post Gaurav Karkara and thanks for your kind words! We are all contributing to a better SAP Community and every post or comment helps spread the word and the inspiration so please keep it going. As Sudip Ghosh said the expression on your parents when you missed it by 100 marks would have been priceless to see....although you met what they asked for 🙂 lol.

    OK - those 3 questions are pretty hard but let me update my blog with responses to those questions.

  • Very sweet Guarav!

    Always good to hear the blogs are helping!

    I will admit to sometimes having great thoughts re SAP on weekends... that's one of the reasons we need more weekends 🙂


  • Great post Gaurav, I wish I could have a conversation with you in Punjabi, someday we meet. 😛

    You missing class 12th merit list is an inspiration too... 😀 . Since I am too from non-IT background (Civil Engg.), I think switching to IT was the craziest thing I have done, which I not at all regret. 🙂

    As far as Cricket is concerned, I think its in our blood( for most of us at least). I too, was part of my school/college cricket team and then later got the opportunity to play for Infosys-Mysore Cricket team during my training days there, after clearing there trials.

    I too tried to write my BIF. I request you to please do take a look. Though I too had nominated you in my blog, without knowing that you had already published it, so I removed your name from it. I hope you don't mind. Cheers!! Have a nice day!!

    • Thanks Mohit. Anytime for Punjabi :-)...

      Well, I am also from non-IT background (Mechanical). Indeed, it's such a right decision we made. Anyway, I was never good in Mechanical also.

      Cricket rocks anytime, anywhere. No issues in removing my name ( Now i won't have to edit and add those questions in my BIF 🙂 ).

      I started my career with Accenture and then spent around 6 months in Infy also. Now, it's your turn to join SAP :-).

      Great to know you Mohit! Your blogs are so helpful. Keep them coming!!


      • Thank you Gaurav 🙂

        To be honest, I only knew that SAP on-boards people with CS/IT background only, if we see their job descriptions and requirements at their Career's website. But after learning it from your blog, I will surely try to prepare for it with your referral one day 🙂



  • Great blog!  I could follow these BIF links all day and really never get tired of them.

    Cricket?  I've never really watched a game.  I'll have to watch one.  I do know it is as challenging as our American "Football".  I do watch football.  I don't have a favorite team, but love watching with my husband and Son.  It makes for a great game when my Son loves one team and my husband the other.

    Yes, a toddler changes everything.  I miss that stage.  I don't miss "no sleep".  My Son has just graduated college.  This is a fun stage too!

    I'm glad to read another blog where life balance isn't a problem.  It just makes me happy.  All the people on your list inspire me as well.