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Blog It Forward – Srikanth Peri

As I was just about to board a train, I received a tag from Nabeet Madan to BIF. I took it as a challenge and accepted it. This challenge was not about me writing a BIF blog, but doing it through the 14hr/500-mile train journey along the Coromandel Coastline of India.

The timing could not have been better as I have got plenty of hours to burn :).

I do remember seeing a BIF Series a few years ago, and I guess I should be thanking you, Susan, for rebooting the series. Original Link here.

About Me
I am a proud Hyderabadi, graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, trained in ABAP for 3 months with Infosys and started working. It has been 13 years since. I have been always fascinated by manufacturing and technology and SAP business became easier for me to understand and deliver. I then worked in Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and spent a few years in the UK and Sweden.

Currently working out of Chennai in India.

I grew up in the City of Hyderabad, it was the City of Nizams and has great historical significance. Also for the last decade, it is one of the rapidly growing IT hubs of India. Big firms like, Apple, Microsoft, Google have their main offices in HiTech City. (These days called the Cyberabad District).

Also the name Hyderabad synonyms with Biriyani and Irani Chai. (How can I not mention it? :))

In Clockwise, 1. Me accepting the BIF challenge from Nabheet, 2. Blogging on Train 3. Few Hyderabad Landmarks

Nabheet Asked…

1. What do you do apart from SAP in your free time?
Electronic Projects, Android Development, Kaggle contests, Travelling, Drawing… various things just keep my creative juices flowing in. And most importantly keeping myself busy.

Here are a few things that I have been working on recently:

From Left to Right, 1. Flip Flap Display, 2. My play with Watercolors

2. How do you balance your life between work and family/personal time?
There are tough work days when I have to burn the midnight oil, and there are times when I want to study something new or one of those Extra Free Time Projects that I do. Daily chores, trips to grocery stores etc.. are also there. It only works out because of my understanding partner. When I am putting extra work, she understands and takes care of the rest. I try to do the same for her and also cook my way through once in a while ;). In the end, it just works.

3. What would you choose if given a choice between coffee or tea and why?
I would give anything for a good cup of hot creamy ginger tea when I travel to North India. And I prefer a nice cup of filter coffee down south. Just because they are best in their regions and I love them both. Good thing for me I’m from the City of Hyderabad, which offers the best of both regions. Irani Chai and the Filter Coffee.

Of course, I did enjoy my share of Costa’s Mocha quite a bit in the UK. Tea did not work out for me there. I could go on and on about Coffee’s and Tea’s but I guess you might have understood my fascination by now.

Here are some links for the readers who did not understand what I have blabbered about. Ginger Tea, Irani Chai and Filter coffee.

Few FYIs

4. If you were 20 again, what would you study?
I would have continued my education post-graduation into the field of Robotics. Even though I still am learning Robotics as a hobbyist. Nothing beats the feeling of being in the profession you have dreamt about.

5. If you were given by your work a full day every week to do whatever you feel like, what would it be?
As of now, I will definitely catch up on my Machine Learning Course Assignments :). Even otherwise, I will be spending time learning and trying out something that is not my daily routine.

6. Name the person who affected you most in your career/ way of thinking and why?
DJ, of course, to start with. I think I have talked about it quite a lot here. There are many more people like Nabheet, Ronnie, Mahesh, Max, and many more… from whom I get inspired by, everyday and keep myself motivated.


Here are few people who I have worked quite closely over the years but were invisible from the community. I hope this request will “Bring Them Forward”. (They have decades of SAP experience but few do not have SCN ids 🙂 )

Sumeet Takle
Vaibhav Shetkar
Babu Kilari
Ajaykumar Nerur


I would like you guys to answer these questions for me and the community
1. If you were asked to write a blog in the SAP Community, what would that be?
2. What would be your learning path for the next 5 years?

As I reach my destination wrapping up the 14-hour journey, I publish this blog echoing #BlogItForward 

My ride, a WAP4 Electric Engine.

And a pleasant welcome by Chennai. (Unlike in the UK, here in Chennai we adore rains :))

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