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A Chat with Tushar Shinde, a First-Time SAP TechEd Attendee

I hope you’re having a great December!

By now, I also hope you noticed that SAP Community is our Topic of the Month. (If you missed it, Craig Cmehil mentions it in this blog post — in which he talks about some of the highlights of 2019.)

Naturally, since SAP Community is so near and dear to me, I wanted to get in on the action too. Granted, I posted a new Member of the Month interview recently, but I’d have to do that regardless of whatever the Topic of the Month is. For December, when SAP Community is the Topic of the Month, I had the urge to do something special, and I feel like I haven’t published anything fun since my SAP TechEd recaps — having posted several for Barcelona and Las Vegas.

Alas, I wasn’t in Bangalore…

…and that got me thinking…

Sure, I didn’t (and couldn’t do) Bangalore recaps, but maybe I could make some sort of belated contribution for this event while, at the same time, joining in December’s Topic of the Month festivities.

With that in mind, I recently caught up with Tushar Shinde, one of our scholarship winners. Since SAP TechEd Bangalore was his first time attending one of these conferences, I conducted an interview with him via email — so I could learn more about his experiences at the event while highlighting a member who makes our community so fantastic.

In honor of December’s Topic of the Month — and as a salute to all great members who contribute to SAP Community on the website and/or at events — here is our exchange…

How did you end up at SAP TechEd in Bangalore? 

Glad I noticed a tweet about the sponsorship contest on the SAP Community Twitter channel, and without any further delays, I submitted my enrollment on time. All I can say is: good timing, good luck, and of course SAP Community team support (includes you and Kim Mecca [Jerry’s note: Kim manages our SAP Community social channels]). Humble request to all SAP folks: Keep your eyes wide open on Twitter and make sure to follow all SAP-related channels to be one of the lucky ones in future — because, at the same time, all these channels keep us apprised about the latest and useful updates in the SAP universe.

Bangalore was your first time attending SAP TechEd. What do you think about the experience?

Speechless. Flabbergasted. Everyone says the SAP world is small, we will often cross paths, blah, blah, blah, but SAP TechEd changed that perspective. With close to a decade working in the SAP domain, I could meet only a handful of friends, which means either I am not socializing well or I must say most of my network of individuals don’t use social channels to stay up to date. Fortunately, I got to meet some SAP legends — DJ Adams, Craig, Rich Heilman, SAP Community (Kim, Katarina Nonhebel), and openSAP team (Ankit Kumar) to name a few.

Tushar with Rich Heilman


So many action-packed sessions, solution demos, and a perfectly orchestrated keynote that kick-started the three-day journey.

What were the top three highlights?

1. Keynote


2. The quiz and the session about effective presentations, by DJ and Katarina, respectively.


3. AppSpace, missions, chaos, and goodies 🙂


Was there anything you had hoped to do that you didn’t get a chance to do?

Missed clicking a selfie with Kim, though she happily clicked a picture of me and Craig. 🙂

Tushar with Craig Cmehil. (Photo happily clicked by Kim Mecca.)


Apart from that I missed a few lectures due to conflict or queue, but thanks to SAP Learning Hub TechEd edition, I still have access to lecture recordings and content until January 2020 to catch up.

The scholarship came courtesy of SAP Community. In addition to the pass, how has the SAP Community benefited you over the years?

I have been a member of SAP Community since May 2010 and I have seen a lot of transition in the SAP Community (e.g., rewards program, content publishing options) and in the SAP ecosystem, and honestly, the SAP Community team has done a great job in keeping us engaged about changes inside SAP and its impact on external partners, customers, and fellow consultants (like me). Effective updates on social channels, mail updates, blogs, and discussion forums all keep us connected. All I can say about SAP Community: “They are agents of change” helping tirelessly the entire SAP ecosystem.

Any final thoughts about SAP TechEd and/or SAP Community?

Everything I answered in my earlier responses plus I would still reiterate my first SAP TechEd experience is priceless and cannot be forgotten. In fact, a few more notable things that deserve special mention are: The SAP TechEd app that helped me track ongoing/upcoming sessions and other activities on the show floor. Timely updates about registration, next-day planning, bus shuttle service notifications — all was so perfectly orchestrated. Facility management did an excellent job on keeping us well-hydrated and stuffed with good food/snacks.

Since I mentioned about stuffing and to also conclude, during SAP TechEd I quoted a nice quote from Lola May: “They know the stuff, know whom they are stuffing and know how to stuff elegantly” but with a small twist (see pic below).

Signing off but you can always hear from me on my twitter handle @tusharshinde — tweeting about anything that is interesting and not just SAP. Please do give a look to this awesome infographic before you take your attention to a different tab.

Mural from SAP TechEd Bangalore



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      Author's profile photo Tushar Shinde
      Tushar Shinde

      Thanks a ton Jerry Janda for putting this together.

      Author's profile photo Jerry Janda
      Jerry Janda
      Blog Post Author

      My pleasure. I'm glad that you had such a great experience at TechEd!