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SAP Cloud Platform Learning Resources


Hello everyone!

SAP Cloud Platform is evolving very quickly to catch more and more real business challenges. To support better SAP Cloud Platform adoption SAP colleagues, dedicated to the learning topic, work hard to keep aligned product evolution and documentation, help and learning paths.
In my role as Customer Engagement Executive spread learning resources is an important part, so I decided to dedicate this short post and video to explain in a simple way current Learning offer.

Before to enter in-depth about learning offering I want to share with you very cool news!
Learn by practice ! I can imagine that you know that SAP offers interesting Trail with SAP Cloud Platform at,  but the news is that now you can use
Starter Scenarios that allows you to make your trial experience much easy and pleasant. You reach it immediately by the landing page. Moreover, at the of the landing page you can find an interesting section: Learn the Basic. Thanks to my colleague Otilia Marinescu that inspired me to share with you this important news. You can read her article: Your new and improved SAP Cloud Platform trial experience.

Now back to my personal view about learning topic that for simplicity I divided the whole content into 2 macro-areas: STRUCTURED APPROACH and UNSTRUCTURED APPROACH.


  • SAP Cloud Discovery Center: 4 different missions: Onboarding Mission, Platform Mission, Partner App Mission, Serviced Mission;
  • SAP Learning Journey: an easy way to access to learning content for free and for pay for administrator, developer and consultant;
  • OpenSAP: a complete course on SAP Cloud Platform for free with the chance to certify your competence(Included in SAP Learning Journey)


and don’t miss to watch my video !

Thank you and enjoy with SAP Learning and SAP Cloud Platform !


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